Visit China: Honeymoon with a Twist!

Honeymoon travelers to the cities in China can look forward to a range of offers and sightseeing that will simply take their breath away. Two decades back China was all about kung fu, the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. But now people see it in three dimensions. The Chinese culture and society have acquired a new meaning for the travelers visiting the country. Here is a complete guide for the honeymoon travelers planning to visit this new romantic hot spot.

Romantic hotspots

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The tour begins with Beijing. The Airline companies and hotels are offering great deal and discounts to couples. Those not familiar with the demographics of the country must realize that the majority of Chinese citizens is Han Chinese by religion. But there are magnificent glimpses of some other religions too. One such region is the holy land of Tibet. The Potala Palace located in the capital of Tibet is a brilliant and complicated building complex that has never failed to impress visitors. The highlight of visiting the capital city of Beijing is the chance of seeing Forbidden City, the imperial palace of the Qing dynasty. At the height of the empire it symbolized the peak hours of Chinese feudal society. The government has spanned millions in restoring the palace to its former glory.

Shanghai and Hong Kong

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Business traveling is often confined to the capital city of Beijing and Shanghai. Business travelers to China, especially from such open societies as Western Europe and North America are amazed by the conservatism they see on visiting the country. But these places have also emerged as favorite destinations among the couples looking for some romance. While traveling to china you must be doubly sure of the standards of public decency. It is important to understand that Chinese people have a very different concept of hierarchy and respect. The right gestures, body language and strictly no touching is inherent in the Chinese culture. To mingle with the crowd you should be well versed in some basic rules and practices.

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Hong Kong hotels and resorts are some of the best in the world. They are offering many customable services and offers. The spa’s and massage centers of these places will surely help you rekindle the romance.

Colors like white, black and blue are not considered good in Chinese culture, so avoid wrapping the gift in these colors. Colors are like Red, gold and silver are considered more welcoming. China is the land of opportunity today. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the day when it is going to replace US as the power hub is not far now. Familiarizing yourself with this land of new promise is a good idea.



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