2 Trek Routes of Sikkim Which You Can Enjoy in November

Travellers who enjoy walking while visiting a place, trekking is the best option for them. You can say that one will miss the comfort of the normal tour in a trekking; however, sometimes the end result is so exciting that we gladly embrace the so called hassles of trekking.

Here are three trek routes scattered in Sikkim and West Bengal:

Dzongri Trek (Sikkim)

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Time: 7 Days

Altitude: 13,185 feet

Best Time to Trek: March to June, August to November

Day-1: From New Jalpaiguri or Bagdogra take the road to Yuksom. In between the journey get interline permit from Meli. Spend the night at Yuksom

Day-2: Start trekking towards north from Yuksom Market. Walk along the banks of Ratang Chu River to reach a small village Bakkhim. Walk 3km more to reach village Sokha. Spend the night here.

Day-3: From Sokha start walking north. It will take 3hours to reach Pedang. Take little rest here. Again start walking from here to reach Dzongri.

Day-4: See the local villages and enjoy beauty of Himalayan Nature in Dzongri.

Day-5 and 6: Take the same route to Yuksom.

Day-7: From Youksom travel back to NJP or Bagdogra by car.

Sandakphu-Phalut-Pelling Trek (Sikkim)

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Time: 9 Days

Altitude: 11,811 feet

Best Time to Trek: March to May, October to December Middle

Day 1: From NJP or Bagdogra come to Darjiling and stay there.

Day-2: Take a cab to reach Tonglu, the trekking point via Manebhanjan. You will enjoy the beautiful rhododendron forest throughout this route.

Day-3: From Tonglu start walking to reach Garibus. It is nearly 4hours trek. Enjoy the natural beauty of this trek route.

Day-4: Trek 4hours uphill to reach Sandakphu. In between this trek take rest at Kalpokhri. Spend the night at Sandakphu.

Day-5: Trek 6hours from Sandakphu to reach Phalut. See six beautiful Himalayan Mountain peaks along this route.

Day-6: Trek 5hours to Romon via Garkhi.

Day-7: Trek 4hours to reach Rimbik from Romon. The trek route touches many small villages. The hanging bridge of Srikhola is a must see.

Day-8: Take a car to reach Pelling from Rimbik.

Day-9: From Pelling travel back to NJP or Bagdogra.

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