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4 Underrated Places to Visit in India with Low Budget

Due to the recent COVID 19 outbreak, we are confined to our homes for a prolonged period. Currently, after almost 5 months we are now in unlock 4 phase and in this phase, some of our tourist places have started functioning again for the tourists. So, we all are thinking of a short tour which will be safe and also pocket friendly. In this video, I am going to share information about 4 relatively less visited places in India which you can visit safely now within a short budget. These places are clean, less crowded, have some good accommodation and eateries. So, you can choose them without any doubt according to your convenience.

Riwai and Mawlynnong

Our 1st take is the two north-eastern villages Riwai and Mawlynnong located in Meghalaya and close to the state capital Shillong. 

The best time to visit here is just after Monsoon so that you can enjoy the fresh green hills and the famous waterfalls of the region.

The places can be reached via a local taxi or bus from Shillong city. The distance of Mawlynnong from Shillong is 90km.

The road to Mawlynnong from Shillong needs a special mention. The road passes through the mountain forest and is not like the other hilly roads of Meghalaya. This is a narrow path where numerous trees lean over the road. The surrounding is extremely calm and quiet and you can hear the sounds of cricket all along this road.

At the end of this narrow road stands the small Khasi tribal village Riwai. No vehicle is allowed inside the village, you have to cover the village tour on foot. You will find some fast food and handicraft stalls on the side of the entrance of this village. There are some homestays available in this village but those are much less in number than Mawlynnong. So, it is better to visit here as a day tour and then go to Mawlynnong for a night stay. 

Inside this village, you can go to visit one of the famous living root bridges of Meghalaya. You have to climb down around 170-180 steps to reach the bridge. A small entry fee of Rs40 is required to enter into the bridge area. The camera charge is Rs20. It will take around 15-20 mins to reach the living-root bridge from the village entrance. 

The living root bridge is built over a small stream inside the forest. You can get down to the river base crossing the big boulders and enjoy yourself. 

From here Mawlynnong is 4-5 mins drive. The village is declared as the cleanest village in Asia.

The village is extremely clean. The roads, houses, and the local handicraft shops everything is neat and clean. Enjoy a walk through the path of this village. You can also climb up the bamboo watchtower from where you can get a beautiful view of the nearby Bangladesh border. There are lots of homestays available here with good food and basic amenities where you can put up for the night. 


On the next day, you can visit the small town Dawki from here and enjoy boating in the Umngot River. The suspension bridge over the river is a major tourist attraction of the place.

The water of the Umngot River is crystal clear. You can even clearly see the bottom of the river. Every day, local people come here for fishing. A walk on the small island in this river is very refreshing. 

The package cost of this tour will be around Rs8000 per head excluding train or airfare. 


Our 2nd take is a beautiful village of West Sikkim Yuksom.

The best time to visit this place is from November to April. The weather will be clear during this time and you can enjoy the beauty of gorgeous mountain peaks. 

Yuksom can be reached by car or bus from the New Jalpaiguri railway station or Bagdogra or Pakyong airport. Time taken will be around 7 hours. Reserved cab fare will be around Rs5000. It may vary depending upon the season and road condition. 

The road to Yuksom is famous for its scenic beauty and passes through green mountain forests. Other than the fresh greeneries, you can see a beautiful blue flower that blooms on the roadside. Locals call it Neel-Kamal. The place provides access to the base camp of Mount Kanchenjunga.

Yuksom village is of very high historical importance to the Sikkimese. The first Chogyal was crowned here in 1642. Here you can visit the coronation throne of the first Chogyal. The place is now maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. During the day time, local women come here to offer their prayers to the Buddhist deities. The place is clean and well-maintained to date. You can spend an hour or two strolling here or sit in the adjacent area. 

Besides the coronation throne ground, there is a big complex where you can see a statue of the first Chogyal of Sikkim.

The next day, you can go to visit Khecheopalri Lake. Khecheopalri is a holy lake just 34 km away from Pelling. A short walk is required to reach the banks of the lake from the car parking area. Since this is a holy lake you will see many prayer flags fluttering all over the place. There is also a big prayer Bell. The lake is filled with fish. Visitors enjoy feeding the fish here. Fishing is prohibited at this place. This is a peaceful place where you can enjoy a quiet nature. 

If you have time in hand then you can visit Pelling from here. 

The package cost of this tour will be around Rs8000 per head excluding train or airfare. 

Neil Island

Our 3rd take is the beautiful Neil Island of South Andaman Administrative District.

The best time to visit Neil Island is in winter, i.e., from November to March. 

The island can be reached by boat from Port Blair. 

Neil Island is separated from Ross Island and Havelock Island by a large part of the Bay of Bengal. This island is the main supplier of vegetables to most regions of the Andaman Islands. 

At Neil Island, you can visit the two most popular beaches Lakshmanpur and Bharatpur.

Laxmanpur Beach is a beautiful white sand beach ideal for sunbathing and swimming. It is one of the most visited beaches in India due to its unparalleled beauty. This beach is a perfect blend of blue and clear water with tropical trees. 

You can take a guided tour of this island. In this tour, you can get a closer view of the marine lives of this island. 

The prime attraction of Lakshmanpur beach is the famous naturally shaped bridge-like rock formation which is also known as the Howrah Bridge. It is best seen during low tide.

From here go to visit Bharatpur beach. Located just half a kilometer away from the jetty at Neil Island, Bharatpur Beach is an untouched white sand beach with clear blue water. 

You can take a speed boat ride here or can enjoy swimming and other water sports.

The total Package cost will be around Rs16000 per head. 


Our 4th take is the small hill station of Himachal Pradesh Khajjiar. 

Locally named as Mini Switzerland, the place is mostly known for its scenic beauty. You can enjoy a picture-perfect landscape here encircled by a dense cedar forest and snow-covered Himalayan Mountain range.

Visiting this place at the end of December is the best because the Lake in the middle of this meadow is completely covered in snow and needless to say it is stunning. You can take a stroll here and I promise, you will be awestruck by the beauty of this place. As the name suggests, the place bears a striking resemblance to the scenic beauty of Switzerland.

On 2nd day of your tour, you can visit Dalhousie from this place which is another beautiful hill station.

In both these places, there are numerous staying options. So, you can stay in both places or can stay in one of the places and take a day tour to the other. Each one is equally easy.

The package cost will be around Rs8-9K per person.

You can book all these tour packages online. I’ll share the link in the description box below.  If you love these tour plans then please like and share the video. Also, let us know your opinion in the comment section below. Your opinion means a lot to us. Thanks for watching it.

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