5 Things To Do While You Are Visiting Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the most popular and most commonly visited places in India. Not only for its religious importance, the city also famous for its unique ghats, boat rides on River Ganges and most importantly for some delicious food items. Here are some must do’s while you are visiting Varanasi.

Boat Ride on River Ganges

boat ride on Ganges
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It is the most entertaining and a must do the thing in Varanasi. Being a riverside town Varanasi offers an opulent view of the River Ganges and the city looks extraordinary from the river. A boat ride on river Ganges will give you the immense pleasure to see an age old city from a different viewpoint. The ride is more exciting during the time of sunrise or sunset. The total duration of the ride is one hour.

Trolling around the Ghats

ghats of Varanasi
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The ghats of Varanasi are the unique feature of this holy city. These ghats are actually a concrete platform on the bank of the river from which a series of steps leads down to the river. These are the most colorful parts of the city with some huge umbrellas on it. It is the place where you can see lots of people walk, talk gather and worship simultaneously. The main ghat of Varanasi is Dashashwamedh Ghat.

To see the evening puja on the ghats

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At around 6 PM in the evening on the main ghat, the Brahmins conducted a prayer dedicated to Lord Shiva and River Ganges followed by aarti. This is one of the most spectacular rituals of Varanasi. People gather on the ghats and on river Ganges to witness this ritual.

Exploring the alleys

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Varanasi is also famous for its alleys. These mysterious looking narrow alleys are the veins of this city. It is an interesting event to get lost in those narrow alleys in search of some unseen adventure. You will encounter restaurants, old houses, temples, shrines, stalls and of course, the famous cows of Varanasi in these alleys.

Tasting delicious sweets

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Last and most importantly tasks to do in Varanasi is tasting the delicious sweets of this city. You will surely get lost in the heavenly taste of pedas and kheer here in Varanasi.

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