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5 Tips for Amazing Cakes at Home

Homemade cakes are the best when it comes to healthy and delicious cakes. Baking cakes at home allows you to add ingredients of your own choice and even try new and different recipes. But sometimes a few unknown mistakes spoil all the fun. The cake cracks, half-baked cake, over baked cake etc. are some very common problems we all tend to face or have faced while baking a cake at home. Small and easy tips can do away with these problems and give you a wonderful and delicious cake.

Measure the Ingredients Properly


This might sound very obvious, but seldom do we strictly adhere to this. If we need one cup of flour, we do not bother if it’s slightly more or less than one cup. But what really needs to be done is to take one leveled cup. For any dry powdered ingredient, make sure to always sweep off the excess with a knife. Also, never scoop the ingredient directly from the bag with a measuring cup. Without taking the exact measure, you’ll get more than you need for the recipe and that’s what results in a bad cake.

Avoid Using Cold Eggs


If you’re using egg as an ingredient in your cake then this tip would be really useful for you. We always bring the butter to room temperature, but have we ever a thought about the temperature of the eggs? Well it’s just as important for eggs as it is for the butter. Cold eggs won’t let the mixture emulsify properly. Place eggs in a bowl of warm water for 10 to 15 minutes and then put it in the mix.

Use the Proper Tools


Using the proper tools for the batter is really important. If you are to blend the batter of whisk the eggs, don’t just use a spoon for it. Use a blender or manual whisk. This would blend it and mix evenly while doing it with a spoon would not mix it properly and might even leave chunks. When buttering the pan, always use a pastry brush and don’t just use your bare hands to butter the pan, as it won’t butter it evenly and is not even hygienic.

Positioning of the Pan


Positioning of the cake pan is very important to get an evenly baked cake. Wrong positioning could result in over baking of some part and under baking of some, which eventually spoil the whole cake. The pan shouldn’t touch the oven walls. Choose the size of the pan keeping in mind the size of your oven for a perfect cake.

Keep an Eye on the Cake

We often put the cake in the oven, set the timer and do not see it until the timer is over. This is where the problem of over baking of the cake begins. The baking time of a cake varies depending on the oven, baking pan and even the type of cake. Once the cake is put in the oven, you must check it at regular intervals in order to prevent it from over baking.

Bringing in small changes to your method of baking a cake at home, could get you stunning results. The method that you follow remains the same but just in a better way. You can try the online cakes and see how such small tips result in wonderful and delicious cakes. Many online bakeries provide you with many different types and flavors of cakes which you can relish without having to do much of the effort. So, the next time you bake a cake at home, do it the perfect way! In case you are feeling lazy and do not want to undertake a baking spree, you can check cakes online as a lot of bakeries take orders on their websites and deliver scrumptious cakes at your doorsteps.

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