7 Things to do while visiting Indian Temple

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Planning to visit an Indian temple? There are many idols in the Hindu religion. If you are planning to pay your homage to them then here are 7 things which you must keep in mind while visiting there.

Take a bath: Take a bath and wear fresh washed clothes before visiting a temple. Everyone is allowed to go inside a temple. There is no caste system to follow.

Offerings for Gods or Goddesses: It is a Hindu ritual to offer things like flowers, sweets, fruits, candles or incense to Gods and Goddesses. Hindus believe that in this way they can please Gods and gain their blessings. Whether it can be purely superstitious or commercial centers may take advantage of the ritual, but you can bring such offerings prior to visit the temple if desired

Remove footwear outside the temple:

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Hindus consider footwear as a dirty and disrespectful thing. So before entering a temple do open your shoes. Hindu temples can only be visited bare-footed.

Respect and worship: When you finally face the idol, show your respect by joining the palms of your hands into a namaskar and bow. This is the gesture to show respect to Hindu Gods. If you bought anything to offer Gods then you must hand it to the priest sitting outside the inner chamber. Avoid entering the inner chamber without permission as this is the most sacred place where God is sitting. After your visit the priest may give you some Prasad, which is some blessed edible, generally sweets. Accept them as this is considered as holy thing. Always use your right hand for offering or taking anything in the temple.

Avoid touching: Indian temples are room for hundreds of rare statues or murals or sculptures. But it is disrespectful to touch them. Avoid touching and maintain a respectful distance.

Avoid photography: Photography is prohibited inside many Indian temples. If you are interested in taking photographs or doing videos there take prior permission for that.

Offer foods to beggars: You may find many beggars outside Indian temples. It is not mandatory, but if you wish you can help them by giving cash or foods as necessary.

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