8 Ways to Make Your Beach Holiday with Kids Easy

Going on a holiday is not just sunshine and rainbows. It can be rather stressful to get everything sorted and making sure you have taken all sorts of things into account – especially when it comes to holidaying with the kids. Beach holidays can be made slightly more stress-free by the following eight tips.

So, if you are planning a beach holiday with the kids, utilise these eight ways to make it easier.

1.     Have enough water and food with you

Before you leave the hotel, make sure to have enough water and snacks at hand. Dehydration is the quickest way to ruin a holiday and the warm weather means you need to drink more. You also don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for an overpriced kiosk, so have a few litres of water at hand.

In terms of snacks, things like fried fruit and nuts are easy to find, no matter where you are in the world. Avoid adding snacks to your bag that are full of sugar.

2. Don’t forget the protection

You need plenty of sunblock for a beach holiday with the kids. You should pick products that have the highest possible sun protection – make sure you also pick something that’s water resistant. Re-apply sunblock at least every two hours to keep your kids from burning. Also have a sunhat or scarf for each kid to give their heads extra cover.

3. Identify a meeting spot

Before you let the kids run around freely, you want to identify a meeting spot in case someone gets lost. Make sure the spot is super easy to identify – if the beach has a place for the lifeguards, this can be a great option. Make sure the child also knows your emergency contact number. You could use a water resistant marker to write it in the swimsuit – show the child how to point at the number if they are in trouble.

4. Organise enough entertainment

Kids can get easily bored on the beach. They might well be playing, happily one minute and on the second be raging how there’s nothing to do. So be prepared and have different ideas in mind. You want to have games to play both in the water and off it – if the kids seem to get bored, suggest a new game.

What are some simple beach games? Aside from swimming and building sandcastles, you could have a Frisbee to throw around and play with. A water bucket relay is another good idea. You could even pack some easy DIY kite kits with you and build a kite to fly around!

5. Buy cheap toys

It’s easy to lose things on the beach. Therefore, don’t spend a fortune on beach toys that might just leave everyone in tears if lost or broken. What are the toys to get? You want a few toy spades and spoons for creating sand castles and buckets to carry sand around. You should also have an inflatable beach balloon to play with. A cheap set of badminton rackets might also be a good idea and would allow all sorts of beach games.

6. Set a schedule

Once the kids get going, they might never want to leave the beach. So, before you venture into the beach, set a schedule the kids know and remind them about it throughout the day. For example, tell them that at noon, you’ll all leave the beach to go eat at a restaurant. You’ll then come back until you’ll leave again around four to prepare for dinner. A few hours before you’re about to leave, you can mention how much time is left. This way you don’t just suddenly announce you’re leaving and end up causing tears.

7. Invest in a beach chair

While the kids are probably going to spend most of their time running around in the sand, you might want to ensure there’s a different option for you. A beach towel is a nice spot to lounge on but you’ll eventually just want to sit up.

A foldable beach chair – for example, camp backpack chairs – will be a good investment. It’ll keep the sand and water away from your books, provides you a clearer view of the kids and ensures you don’t spend the day in a bad posture.

8. Arrive early

If you’re visiting a popular beach destination during the busiest tourist season, the place is bound to get crowded. Ensure your beach holiday doesn’t end up in tears (not getting a good spot) and arrive early enough to reserve a good location. You want a spot near enough the water to make watching the kids easier.

When you need to shop for any of the above items, check offers online. You can even use to find travel offers – a good family holiday doesn’t have to break the budget. Be smart with booking, shop around and take advantage of special offers and the whole family can enjoy a nice time.

The world is full of amazing beach destinations, in India and elsewhere. With the above eight tips and suggestions, you can ensure the time on the beach with kids is relaxing and fun – so start planning!

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