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A Day In Sydney

Author: Liam barrett

Sydney is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With countless things to do, it’s hard to cram it into one day.

That being said, it’s not impossible – with a little bit of planning and an early start, you can visit some of the best sights in Sydney.

In just a day, you can play with Kangaroos, stroll around beautiful gardens, visit the best harbours in the world, visit a world heritage site, eat exotic cuisines from Asia, dip into the ocean and then end the day with a beautiful fireworks display.

A day in Sydney will leave you wanting more.

Sydney Opera House


No trip to Sydney will be complete without a tour of the Sydney Opera House. This building is half a century old, yet its design is timeless.


The elegant building is world famous for its unique style which attracts over a million visitors to it each year.

If you’re looking to beat the crowd and get to enjoy this building all to yourself, then it pays to wake up really early in the morning to see the building lit up while the sky is still dark.

As the sun rises, it’s golden rays will cast on the trendy exterior of the Opera house, giving you the perfect opportunity to take some amazing pictures of the building, without interruption from other tourists.

After sunrise, you can stroll up to the rocks and enjoy an unbelievable breakfast at Pancakes at for some of Sydney’s best breakfasts.

Then you can make your way to the Botanical gardens of Sydney. There, you can stroll down to Mrs Macquaries point. It’s at this point where you will see one of the most iconic views in Australia – the Opera house on the left with Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background. It’s a site you cannot miss.

China Town

Chinatown 2

After an awe inspiring morning outside the Opera house, you can take a bus or train towards Central Station and make your way to Chinatown.

Sydney’s Chinatown is where you will find an unbelievable selection of restaurants – with some of Australia’s best Asian cuisines. After lunch, you can explore Paddy’s market, where you can find everything from street food to cheap electronics.


Every visitor in Sydney should have a wander around this area and see what treasures they can find in this part of the city.

Bondi Beach


After a short break in Chinatown, you can catch a bus to Bondi beach.

The trip should take 30 minutes, but once you’re there, you’ll find yourself transported into another world. Bondi is home to an endless beach with lots of sand, surf and sun.

Whether you choose to swim, surf, or paddle. You’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good time. The sun doesn’t shy away from the blue Sydney skies and the cool beaches will keep you refreshed.


With a short 20 minute walk to Watson’s Bay, you can get an incredible view of the Sydney skyline. Here you are able to see the whole of Sydney.

You can try to conquer the famous 3.5 km walk which stretches from Bondi to Bronte beach and spend your afternoon with picturesque views of Sydney’s ocean side.

Darling Harbour


After some time at the beach, you can shake the sand from your shoes and head downtown to Darling Harbour.  

If you’re dying to see some native animals – you don’t need to stray far from the city. At Darling Harbour you can visit the Wildlife Sydney Zoo to have a quick peek at their wildlife animal adventure.

There you will see wombats, kangaroos, koalas and more. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Darling Harbour on a Saturday, then make sure to grab a reservation at Hurricanes Grill for some of Sydney’s best ribs and then head down to the harbour for dessert and a spectacular fireworks display.

After the fireworks, you can retire and enjoy the evening off after a long day in the sun. If you’re feeling adventurous, then the night is still young and you can enjoy a great night out visiting some of Sydney’s best bars and clubs.

Image Source: Visitnsw

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