About Us


I am AmitavaDasgupta.

I have spent my childhood in Howrah, a town in West Bengal. Every day I closely observed The Shalimar railway station, as that was beside our house. The trains’ whistle, hustle and bustle of the passengers, shouting of the porters was so fascinating to me. I used to travel around riding my cycle. I still miss my journey to school with my friends. The flow of life and its colours have played a big role in developing my passion for cinema and later I chose film editing as my profession. My passion became my profession…I am a lucky man. But the whistle of the train was constantly poking my head and I miss another interest. Traveling.  This love for travel and craze for various foods have driven me to this toursnfoods.com. And….an endless journey begins….


I am Pritha Dasgupta. By profession I am an online marketing consultant, offering insight on social media, online marketing and the future of online business. But my true passion is exploring out-of-the-track locations and discovering the taste of local cuisine. Though I have a special appetite for the dessert section, I also enjoy the street foods a lot. While not working or exploring odd locations I love to spend time reading books and playing with my two years old daughter.