An Unconventional Way to Enjoy Serenity- Palolem Beach


“This is your cottage sir..”

I looked at him and then shifted my look to that hut, popularly known as Palolem beach hut. No sign of bricks or cement. The single room hut is just sitting on its four wood and bamboo made legs. A without railing ladder is attached to it. So, it wants a little bit of special care from us while climbing up to enter our room.


I was awestruck. I never expected something like this. I was fascinated. The balcony was small and cute. Just sitting on the balcony I was having a great view of the sea.

I took a span.

The Beach


It was Palolem beach, 11 am in the morning.


We started from Calangute around 8.30 am and the journey itself was so enjoyable. I have mentioned in my previous blog posts on Goa that a drive through the roads here gives you so much visual information regarding the life and culture of the Goanese people. So do here. We passed by so many beaches, crossed many hills but the condition of the road was really appreciable.


Goa is dotted with beaches. However, this south Goa beach has a different approach. The sky-blue water bears a unique tint of green within it. Golden white sand creates a befitting border. The entire area is just polluted with Beach Huts which adds a touristy feel to this place.


We had planned to spend the entire day in Palolem. The driver of our car wanted to leave the beach by 5.30 in the evening just to avoid driving in the dark. This beach of south Goa is bit secluded and driving back to the Calangute was a journey of 80 kilometer.


So, we had almost an entire day to enjoy the beach. Without a second thought we booked a beach hut. It Was Rs.500 per day and it did not have any attached toilet. There are Huts with attached toilet but you need pay more for that (Rs.1500 -2000 per day). We used the common toilets which were nearby.


The sea was calling us. We changed our dresses and jumped into the sea.


Palolem beach is extremely popular among foreigners. They come here and hire inexpensive Beach Huts and spend weeks. And this was very evident as they were everywhere in all the pictures I took.


The palm trees and green hills work as perfect backdrop of this beach. I roamed around and took pictures just to capture the essence of the ambiance.

The Food


We spotted a restaurant right on the beach. Menu card had lots of options. We ordered mixed fried rice and Manchurian Chicken. It was delicious. There are so many eateries around the beach but we didn’t want to go away from the sea.


The adjoining balcony was cute. I grabbed a chair and spent some time just watching the sea. It was quite relaxing.


In the afternoon I again climbed down from by Beach Hut and went for a stroll along the beach. The upper edge of beach was comparatively less crowded. Couples out there for Honeymoon or anyone who prefers to spend some time in isolation would love this place.

How to Reach

From Dabolim airport of Goa one can hire a pre-paid taxi to reach Palolem. The distance is 67 kilometer.

From Madgaon railway station the distance is 47 Kilometer. Hire a Pre-paid taxi to reach Palolem.

One can also take a State Transport bus from Margao Bus Stand to Canacona, the nearest railway station of Palolem. The journey takes around one and half hour. From Canacona bus station, you can take an auto rickshaw or taxi to Palolem Beach which is only about 3 km. The journey by bus is comfortable and the route is a scenic one. However do keep in mind that local buses in Goa are not air-conditioned and at times quite dusty. It is possible to walk from the bus station to Palolem, but might not be the ideal option on a hot sunny day.

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