Best Tourist spots of Jabalpur

Jabalpur- it is the most prominent city of the state Madhyapradesh and is commonly known as the cultural capital of the state. Madhyapradesh is a state filled with historical elements and its rich culture attracts tourist from every corner of the world for many years. Among these many historical monuments or spots are located in Jabalpur. Here is a list of some of these finest tourists spots located in Jabalpur.

Dhuandhar Falls


The Dhuandhar Falls is the most gorgeous waterfall of Madhya Pradesh. It is located on River Narmada in Bhedaghat. The drops in waterfall create a mass of mist due to smoke that is the reason this place is called Dhuandhar and very powerful rumble which can be heard from a distance.

Marble Rock


It is the most popular as well as attractive tourist spots of Jabalpur which is known for its scenic white marble rock formations at Bhedaghat on the banks of the river Narmada.



Bhedaghat is a town well-known for its bathing ghat of holy river Narmada. Its major attraction is Bandar Kodini and voyages in between the marble rocks in a boat. You can get the most picturesque view of marble rocks In a moonlit night. Image Source: Wiki.White-Marble-Rocks-Bhedaghat

Chausat Yogini Temple


The Chausat Yogini Temple of Jabalpur is one of two renowned Chausat Yogini Temples in Madhya Pradesh, Chausath Yogini Temple Khajuraho is the other. The four main existing temples made of rough granite and Lord Shiva temple is set in the middle of complex.

Madan Mahal


Madan Mahal is prominent for the historical Durgavati fort set on the top of a hill in Jabalpur. Madan Mahal Fort is a famous ancient fort of Jabalpur city and graded as one of the top 10 among attractions in Jabalpur city.

All Image Source: walkthroughindia

How to reach Jabalpur

Jabalpur can be reached via train or bus or car from every parts of the country. If you want to take flight then you have to break the journey. First from Kolkata to Nagpur and then from Nagpur to Jabalpur.


There are many good accommodations available in Jabalpur. Some of them are Samdareeya Hotel (a 2 star accommodation), Prestige Princess Hotel (a 3-star accommodation), Hotel Satya Ashoka (a 2 star accommodation) and many other. All of the accommodation have online booking facilities.

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