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The Coastal Macha- Restaurant Review

Do you love coastal food? If so then you may think that it is not easy to find a good place for coastal food right here in Kolkata. Here, I can help you. Last month we went to a restaurant in Southern Avenue, Kolkata named The Coastal Macha. This is an eatery which offers delicious coastal cuisine. Here is a look at our experience there:

The Ambience

When we first reached the gate of Coastal Macha, we found that it as a nice, clean and decorated place much like other modern bistros of Kolkata. But as soon as we entered, suddenly the whole ambiance changed and we felt that we are in the restaurant located in the southern coastal area of India. Starting from the lamp sheds made of cane, the small boats decorated on the wall gave the place a coastal feeling. However, the thing that requires a special mention is the decoration of the table tops of this restaurant. All the tabletops are decorated with sand and many sea-shells and models of small insects are placed on this sand which gave the tables a unique look.

Other than the decoration the cleanliness and the maintenance of the restaurant is really good.

The Food

Upon our arrival, we were cordially welcomed by the restaurant owner Mr. Piyush Menon and a welcome drink was served. While we were having our drink, we talked with Mr. Menon and he mentioned that he conceived the idea of this restaurant while he was in Bangalore some years back. He then trains himself with cooking, visited many coastal villages of Andhra and Kerala and get the knowledge of coastal cuisine which he later introduced in his eatery here.

One of the prime things here is all the gravies taste different. According to Mr. Menon, he collects his spices, especially the chilly, from Bangalore in order to maintain the authenticity of the taste. He also mentioned that when a raw ingredient enters his kitchen he first check it by himself; if it matches the quality bar then he accepts it otherwise simply discard the same because for him quality comes first.

For dinner, we have Prawn Koli vada, devils crab, chicken Koli Masala, Prawn xec xec, fish mohli and parippu payasam.

Prawn Koli vada and chicken Koli masala is a Maharashtrian dish, originated from the Punjabi fisherman community lived there known as koli Samaj,

devils crab is a crab meat preparation mixed with Indian spices and herbs,

prawn xec xec is a Goanese dish originated from Goan Protégées community,

fish mohli is the Keralian vetki fish stew, the main ingredient of this stew is coconut milk.

Parippu Payasam is the desert originated from the Indian State Kerala. The moong dal-Jaggery sweet dish tastes really good.

The cost for eating two people here is around Rs 1000.

So, if you a food-lover and want to taste different cuisine while in Kolkata then The Coastal Macha can be your next eating destination.

Here is our Video review:



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