Concept Of Ayurveda in Kerala

Are you planning a sojourn to release your body of the wear and tear caused by busy city life? Are you looking out for a holiday option to ease yourself out? Do you want to rejuvenate and revitalize your soul and mind while on a short vacation? If yes, then Kerala is the ideal touring destination for you. You can plan a stay for yourself in an ayurveda resort at Kerala for as short as one week going up to as long as a month. Whatever the duration of the trip maybe, we promise you that the experience will be worth every penny. Why we have specifically pointed out Kerala is because it is the pioneer of the concept of specialised ayurveda resorts. Her, you’ll love everything starting from the morning exercise, yoga sessions to massage etc. Come, let us explore some signature treats of a typical ayurveda resort in Kerala:


  1. Aromatic massage: This is a characteristic feature in every Ayurveda resort itinerary. Given by expert masseurs who have been extensively trained in the art, this is the top attraction undisputedly on an ayurveda tour in south India. And not one but there is a sumptuous menu of various massages to choose from. These massage use aromatic oils which are medicated to serve special purposes as per the need of the client. The plus factors are soothing music and a tranquil ambience which will make the experience complete in every sense.


  1. Yoga sessions: As we all know, this is a practice of healing body, mind and soul through different body postures and asanas. Yoga at various ayurveda resorts is taught for a healthy lifestyle and for complex healing purposes. It is beyond the long built perception about yoga that it is just another form of physical exercise. These resorts located in peaceful acreages away from cities provide perfect setting for doing yogic practise. Bliss is the end result of every session then.


  1. Planned vegetarian diet: Routine at an ayurveda resort in Kerala is meticulously planned to magnify the benefits of Ayurvedic treatments being administered to the guest. The main feature of this is the daily diet which is properly planned and kept very light. Spices are used at minimum and oil is avoided for cooking. And as non-vegetarian food is hard to digest and is very heavy on the human body according to Ayurvedic science, so a vegetarian diet is given throughout the stay.


  1. Specialty treatments: Ayurveda, an ancient science finding its origin in the Indian subcontinent, uses herbs, spices and medicinal plants to maintain the general health of the human body and cure many diseases. The second facet of ayurveda that is healing chronic diseases is also done at the ayurveda resorts in Kerala. Prolonged stays and religiously following the formulated routine cures problems like arthritis, asthma, blood pressure etc and reduces the effects of paralysis, cancer etc. These specialty treatments focus on lifestyle correction of the clients and also incorporating ayurveda as a way of life.


  1. Meditation: Practising meditation regularly and conscientiously gives magical results proving positive for mental health and physical well-being. Meditation Through this, a person can reflect upon his soul and can improve his concentration power. But here is a word to remember, just doing it once won’t help but scrupulous practice will.



Meditation is not only of one type but there are various kinds which can be learnt from expert practitioners at the ayurveda resorts at Kerala.

Having read all this would just an overall gist, for complete experience plan an ayurveda tour in Kerala with us!

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    I have always wanted to try this. Am planning a bit of yoga now!


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