Discover the Architectural and Scenic Beauty of Italy’s World’s Popular Destination

Italy is abode to the largest number of world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. Monuments and architectural attractions are found everywhere across the country. Especially, the great cities known for the wonders of art include Venice, Rome and Florence, with each being a world famous attraction, drawing visitors from different parts of the world. Apart from its art treasures, Italy also encompasses wonderful coasts, mountains and alpine lakes. The scenic landscape coupled with architectural beauty makes it an alluring destination to travel. Whether it is a museum, a palazzo or a theatre, all the buildings in Italy have a magnificent design. It is because of the Italian Renaissance which not merely left a remarkable impact on the music and literature, but fetched a great change to the architectural realm also.


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Colosseum is one of the must see attractions of Italy. This great amphitheatre is the biggest of its type ever developed by the Roman Empire and remained a sample for sports facilities till modern times. Use Yatra coupons to check for discount deals on flight booking and hotel reservation to make your trip budget-friendly. Now, the structures appear in stark contrast to the contemporary development that envelopes it and stands as a prominent reminder of earlier times and the comprehensive history of Rome.

Canals of Venice:


A gondola ride along the Venice canals is a popular tradition that visitors have been engaging in for centuries. It is a city of islands and the city streets have canals, in several ways. You can check for free online coupons from to fetch discount deals on airline tickets. The canals are lined by old buildings that have remained unchanged for centuries to add a romantic charm inspiringly. The Grand Canal is the very popular of these waterways and regarded as one of the prevalent photographed spots in Venice.


Beneath the muffled volcano of Mount Vesuvius present the remains of Pompeii, a prehistoric Roman city. Excavations have shown the ruins of houses, baths, markets, streets, temples, theatres scarred by the paths of chariot as well as human remains. Travelers can walk along the site touring the site and admire the engineering employed by Romans some around 2000 years ago. There are some outstanding travel packages available if you use Redbus promo codes while booking.

Leaning tower of Pisa:

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The leaning tower of Pisa is absolutely the one of several attractions located in the city of Pisa. It would be wondering to know that the fame of this tower is gained from its error, which is world renowned. Visitors are allowed to climb the stairs of tower to delight in the magnificent view of the city.

Como Lake:

Lake Como is the Italy’s best scenic attractions, enclosed by hills and lined by picturesque towns. Conventionally a haunt of the prosperous, this lake has several palaces and old opulent villas. Surrounding the lake located resort communities and also an eleventh century abbey. The mild climate of the lake draws million tourists, having characteristics same as that of Mediterranean.

Amalfi coast:

Amalfi is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, which encompasses a spectacular stretch of coastline alongside the Sorrentine peninsula. The hillside towns are developed precariously across the steep mountains that drop down to the sea. One major town located here is Positano, however the whole area is filled with tourists.

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