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Does your gift take the cake?

Cakes are wonderful things, really. Not only do you have online cake delivery options to send a bite of love and sweetness to your loved ones who are far away from you, but you can also gift yourself a slice of cake when you want to. Cakes come in all sizes, shapes and colours. They can be used for any and all occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, parties to welcome someone who’s joined your office recently or for someone who will shortly be going away, for impromptu meetings between friends who are meeting after a long time, a sudden idea that you had when you were dropping your parents off at the airport or to inaugurate a new charity home or school. The reasons are endless and so are the varieties of cakes that you can experiment with!

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Your humble baker around the corner and the top chef in a classy patisserie may bake the most wondrous cake. But are cakes really good options when it comes to gifts? The answer to that would be yes. Here are a few reasons why:

Return gifts – Some people dread taking a gift; not because they don’t like being gifted but because they feel they are under an obligation to gift something in return to the other person or because they have to think of something when it’s time to gift them something. Cakes are perfect choices here – they can be found anywhere. If you choose a couple of slices of the most expensive mousse, you won’t have to worry about being labelled a miser although you are saving yourself a lot of money – many other gifts cost a lot!

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Give a hint – Sometimes, we know that the person who is sending or making us a gift really cannot afford to do so – they are doing this out of pure love and warmth. Believe it or not, these are THE best kind of gifts that you could ever ask for. But you don’t want the other person to go through a lot of trouble the next time so bake them a cake and let them know that hey, it would have been good enough even if they had gifted you just a cake! In that way, you are being friendly, considerate and are giving them something yummy in return – all at the same time!

For the masses – Are you the tired host for a number of relatives for a family occasion? Are you hosting this week’s group meet for your kid and her school friends? Then bake a cake rather than going broke aiming for rich entrees and desserts. A big cake is a perfect solution to tickle the taste buds of a large number of people without going into a lot of troubles.

Everyone loves cakes! – Children to the aged – no one can say a ‘no’ to a slice of cake. People with ailments, allergies or religious beliefs can custom-make their cake to adhere to their requirements, but if the cake fits the bill, then get a lot of praises you will!

So really, going by the above list, there must be a lot of you now who would agree that cakes for you or as gifts – they do take the cake!

One thought on “Does your gift take the cake?

  • Yup..!
    Everyone loves cake. So it could be perfect gift choice to give. We dont need to find the gift option, its common to gift a cake.


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