Ethereal Romance At The Backwaters Of Kerala

Kerala, the God’s own country is an abode of surreal beauty. As you glide through the crystalline backwaters, shadowed by palm and coconut trees, a new aspect of nature unravels itself. Enjoy a soothing vacation with your loved ones in solitude at the Kerala lagoons. Kumarakom, Alleppey and Bekal are some of the popular backwater destinations of Kerala.

The celestial cruise


Life on the backwaters is a mesmerizing experience. You wake up to the early rays of the sun as hundreds of birds greet you with melodious tweets. As you sail through the palm fringed waters, the white lilies, the green paddy fields and the rippling waters create an amazing natural glory. If you want to be just by yourself with your special ones or if you are on your honeymoon trip, this cruise can be the best gift to your beloved. Far from the maddening tourist crowd, this drift over the mirrored waters is truly a unique way to spend your vacation.

The rustic rural life


As you pass the Kerala villages, you may get down at these villages to experience the authentic rural life. Kerala villages are treasure of the rich culture of the state. While the ancient village temples reflect the traditional way of worship and old customs of Kerala, the coir industry survives at these South Indian hamlets. Watch the expert hands make handicrafts and coir products at these peaceful remote zones.


These villages are also the best place to enjoy steamed rice with various curries cooked in coconut oil which are served on real banana leaves. The crispy banana chips and the spicy meat curries of Kerala can best be relished at the pleasant surroundings. Relax at the banks of the backwaters watching the exciting boat race and unique fishing technique of the Chinese fishing nets.

The luxurious lifestyle


Staying on the houseboats over the Kerala backwaters is a lavish affair. The well decorated houseboats are not just planks of wood but creations of expert hands, which also come with all basic amenities. The ambience of these houseboats is no less than that of premium hotels and hence is considered as one of the best places to enjoy honeymoons Along with enjoying the alluring beauty of the surroundings, you can also enjoy special candle light dinner at these regal houseboats.

The bird watching safari


The pristine backwaters of Kerala are a paradise for bird watchers. Kumarakom is known for numerous species of migratory birds, besides hundreds of local birds. Enjoy a boat ride over the Vembanad River to check out the colourful kingfishers busy feasting, the singing cuckoos trying to impress the mates, the relaxing Siberian cranes, the swimming water ducks and the pecking woodpeckers. Last but not the least; you may also step down at the Vaikom Mahadev’s temple to offer your prayers.

As you look beyond the massive green fields, as the cool breeze pass through your hair and as you touch the cool waters, you will be rejuvenated from within at the Kerala backwaters.

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