Four unknown beaches of Maharashtra

I have always been lured by beaches and GOA has always been my favourite destination. But there are other beaches in the state of Maharashtra which is not so popular but have its own charm.
The following four beaches of Maharashtra are geographically very close to each other. One can cover all these beaches on a single day.

From where to start

Start from Dabolim airport of GOA. Vengurala is 100 km away from Dabolim. If you are planning to travel by train then from Madgaon railway station of GOA take 10103 Mandvi express, 10111 konkankanya express, 50108 Sawantwadi road passenger to reach Sawantwadi Road railway station. From here the distance of Vengurla is only 30 km. Just hire an Auto or a Car to visit all the following beaches.

Vengurla Beach

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The first one of the series of four beaches attached to Arabian sea. The most beautiful amongst four.

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The beach looks awesome from the road which is slightly above from the level of the sea. The waves continuously break on the sea beach.

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The idyllic ambiance releases all the stress. You look at the colourful solitary boats which are scattered on the beach and time flies away.

Mochemad beach

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Mochemad beach is situated just 5 kilometres away from the Vengurla Beach. The beach is surrounded by 200 ft mountains and hills. Located on the konkan coastline this beach is the house of red crabs.


Mechomad beach02
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The seashore looks extremely beautiful with the plantations of cyprus trees. An ideal place for the Tourist seeking seclusion and solace. Mochemad beach is safe for swimming. You can also enjoy playing beach cricket, volleyball and football.

Mechomad beach03
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Taking a stroll along the extensive coastline will ease you off from all your worries. Meditating on the beach during sunrise is truly blissful.

Mechomad beach04
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Some of the local fruits that you can enjoy around the beach are raw mangoes, cashew, coconut and kokam juice. The fragrance of flowers and mangroves is extremely refreshing.

Shiroda Velagar Beach

From Mochemad head straight towards Shiroda Velagar Beach. Cool sea breeze whispering through towering Casuarina plantations on the beach.

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The sunset view from the beach is truly divine and engrossing.
The main beach is a huge and almost 5 miles long. The Water is as clear as tap water. A sunny day at the beach is extremely distressing.


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Walking on the beach gives you a heavenly feeling. You can spot some fisherman venturing into the sea.

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Shiroda is famous for great Marathi author Shri V. S. Khandekar who has immensely contributed to Marathi literature in various forms. He worked here from 1920 to 1938 as a primary and secondary school teacher. In 1930, Salt Satyagraha took place in Shiroda under the supervision of Mahatma Gandhi. So this place has got enough historical importance.

Redi Beach

If you are done with Shiroda then don’t think twice just hit the road for Redi Beach.

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This beach is slowly gaining importance and becoming a tourist hub in the state of Maharashtra. There are many archaic historical monuments nearby this unblemished beach. One of them is Yashwantgad Fort.

Redi Beach
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Redi beach is a significant beach and has also become an important tourist hub of Maharashtra. Moreover, this beach has many spectacular views which amaze its arrivals to definitely plan a trip.

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An excellent place for a romantic gateway. The entire beach is encircled with tall coconut trees, mango grooves and palm plantations. This outstanding beach even contains numerous recreational activities for its arrivals enjoyment.

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