Friendly Drinks While Glamping

Camping in style has taken on a whole new level of awesomeness, with it being called by many as Glamping. A fusion of glamour and camping, hence its portmanteau, being one with nature has never been as stylish as this.

When one thinks of glamping, they usually think it’s a great idea for a vacation; and what completes a vacation? Alcoholic Drinks. If you look at the internet now, there is an abundance of drink ideas fit for any vacationyou plan, especially glamping. When you’re talking about glamour and style, why would drinks be excluded from the conversation?

If you’re looking for the best drinks that are friendly for your glamping plans, look no further. Read on to know what suits your taste and your style. You’d be surprised to know what made on this list:

1.  Champagne

While this drink is suited for every socialite gathering, this can definitely bring some flair into your campfire.

Champagne is the kind of drink you can actually take anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. Its flavor is definitely guaranteed to add some thrill into your taste buds while you merge with none other than Mother Nature. If you’re looking for a glamourous alcoholic fix, then this drink is for you.

2.  Vodka


This drink is guaranteed to bring on the intensity of your glamourous lifestyle. While this drink is transparent in appearance and looks exactly like water, it can hydrate you to some extent, but looks can be deceiving.

Also, with Vodka, this gives you the opportunity to mix and match with other alcoholic beverages. Vodka-Sprite is a good example of this as not only is it in every menu of every bar, its taste can suit every camper in the area, especially the glamourous folk.

3.  Whisky

The go-to drink of every gentleman around. Its intense flavor and heat is sure to liven up everyone around, in the highest level of charm.

If you choose to bring this drink with you to become one with nature, make sure to bring a lot of ice. You want heat up your glamping party, but not too much.

4.  Wine


While this drink can make every love story sound like a total sob-fest, it can actually glamourize your glamping trip as well. And, since it’s made from grapes, then getting one with nature with this drink makes it all the more suitable.

In fact, to make it more interesting, why not bring a couple of fruits with your wine? That way, you can make your very own tropical and natural cocktail, Sangria.

5.  Gin

Whilst identical to Vodka, this is actually a ‘tamer’ version of the transparent beverage. Since its flavor is subtle, but apparent at best, Gin makes the perfect beverage to mix with other drinks.

A notable example of this is the Philippine iconic, ‘Gin Pomelo’, which is a common sight in every inumansession around. With glamping, this makes this drink all the more suitable as there are other ingredients and juice mixes you can match with Gin. The possibilities with this drink are endless.

Key Takeaway

Style and the Outdoors are two things you never thought would go together. But when you add a little alcohol to the mix, what’s stopping you from living the “wild” life in style?

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