Future of Tourism in India

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Is there any possibility of the betterment of tourism in India? Is it a wise decision to take tourism as a serious career option in this country? Here, in India, we are not much aware of this industry as we are of any other one like I.T. But tourism can be a glamorous career option here, now and can have immense possibility to grow further in near future. Let’s have a look.

India being a huge tropical country well-known for varied climatic topographies has emerged as one of the world’s promising tourist destinations attracting large number of visitors every year. During the past 25 years the tourism industry in India has grown significantly and brings a remarkable change in economic condition. Currently, India is the 12th most attractive tourist destination in the Asia-Pacific as per the report of world economic forum.

At present, India offers many attractive tour packages to the visitors. India is the sole country in the world that offers different types of tourism.

The Future

The famous types of tours possible in India are:

Eco Tourism
Adventure Tourism
Cultural Tourism
Wildlife Tourism
Health Tourism
Heritage Tourism

The most interesting part is that in India the tourists can enjoy all these tourism together. India is popular for diverse climate, hospitality, uniqueness etc.  And this is why India has been doing well in all types of tourism.

Further development

Another reason for the growth in Indian tourism is the new approaches of Indian government for the promotion of tourism in India. The facilities include new appliance for speedy implementation of tourism projects, growth of integrated tourism and development of fresh rural destinations and specially advanced marketing strategy. Due to these changes all types of tourism in India displays a fast growth in the last decade. So it is beyond doubt that the expansion of tourism industry in India is solid in the next couple of years.

According to a report of WTTC, by 2020, Tourism in India could contribute Rs 8, 50,000 crores to the GDP.

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