How To Plan A Desert Tour In Morocco

Are you planning a trip to cool place where all you hear is the sound of your breath and all you see is brilliant darker sands and shining stars? If your answer is yes then Sahara desert in Morocco should be at the highest priority on your rundown. Camping in this desert allows you to see the sky and its stars in the clearest form and to introspect in a spectacularly tranquil environment.

If you need any help, any assistance in arranging your desert visits in Morocco? We are here to help. You are free to peruse our basic yet point by point manual for having the excursion you had always wanted to the Sahara.

When Is The Best Time To Visit The Moroccan Sahara Desert?

The deserts of Morocco get snowy during winter and very hot during summer. The temperatures can often rise up to 120 degrees, making it practically impossible to stroll on the sand. All things considered, the best time to share your trek is from pre-spring, through spring, to late-spring. Likely , from twentieth February to fifteenth June.

You can also plan a trip from Fall-September through November, because the temperatures are moderately okay at that time. The skyline is always clear at this time of the year, enabling you to appreciate the amazing sight of the twinkling lights from the stars.

What Things you need during your trip?

You will be exposed to Sun for the majority of your desert trip so you should pack some sun cream for your skin. The Sahara is hot and dry so you will require free garments and shoes with lashes. Then again, the day-time wind will continually blow sand so you should cover your face and eyes with a light scarf and shades. Your shirts or blouses also need to be long sleeved to protect your arms from the stinging desert sand.

Shockingly, the desert gets actually crisp around evening time so over your night wear, a coat/cardigan, a few tights, jumpers, and a cover will prove to be useful. In the event that you are a woman, pack some loose pants as a result of two reasons: First, the local custom strictly discourages women from wearing shorts or anything that falls above the knee and secondly, you probably will ride a camel at some point and dresses/skirts aren’t practical for it.

Most bathrooms on your way to the desert don’t give travelers tissue so you should pack s many as you will need. Likewise, remember to pack other individual things, for example, hand sanitizer, filtered water, nutrient enhancements, camera, compass, and a top/cap. Prior to leaving Marrakech for the desert, it is imperative to purchase all the food and fruits that you will need for the journey because there aren’t reliable shops along the way.

Choosing Hills to Visit?

The main highlight of each desert trip in Morocco is the stunning, unbelievable hills of Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga. Both of them are to the south of the Atlas range, although Erg Chigaga is further to the east; very close to the Algerian border. It is a lot into the inside that you should have a rough terrain vehicle, an enormous spending plan, and boundless time for you to visit the hills.

Erg Chebbi, on the other hand, is very accessible from the town of Merzouga which is about a kilometer away. Although smaller and less alluring than Eng chigaga in regards to the golden sand color, these dunes would be your best spot to begin your Sahara desert visit. You can generally design another excursion to Erg Chigaga after you have picked up somewhat more desert experience.

Last Tip

French and Arabic are the most well-known. It will be shrewd for you to gain proficiency with a couple of amiable French or Arabic words to utilize while there. Generous tips are also appreciated in this part of the world.

3 Day trip from Marrakech to Fes Desert

Marrakech and Fes are the major cities everyone visiting Morocco can’t miss. Combining the Sahara desert with Fes and Marrakech will make your Morocco desert tour as rich as it can be. The 3 days desert tour from Marrakech to Fes is a standout amongst the most well known desert visits from Marrakech that interfaces the two magnificent urban areas. For the detail information of these three day excursion from Marrakech to fes desert you should check out the website. They will provide you some best tips and have expert in their panel which guides you throughout your trip.

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