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Let Your Hair Down at the World’s Finest City Beaches

Taking a plunge in the sea directly after work is something a great many people can just dream about. For some obvious reasons, that turquoise ocean and the wonderful sandy shoreline isn’t a walking distance from your place. Also, moving out of the city and far from work doesn’t seem like a smart thought in this age of recession. So, if you are a hard core beach baby, then there are a couple of places around the world that offer the best of both worlds, with the buzzing city life and beach fun altogether. Yes, get ready to relocate!

Here’s a rundown of the finest city beaches in the world where you can let your hair down, and soak in the goodness of the water currents and sunlight altogether. In case you fall for these places totally, then do not leave any opportunity to relocate. Work, living and fun, all combined make for the best life, right?

Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

Jumeirah Beach Dubai

Jumeirah Beach is the most prominent beach in the city of Dubai, flanked by the Burj Al Arab 7 Star Hotel and Jumeirah Beach Hotel that both ascend high over the sand. Different attractions here are the warm turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf and the delicate white sand. The beaches at Al Mamzar on the inverse side of Dubai Creek have their fans, yet the prime sun-basking spot is Jumeirah Beach. So get an estimate of the Mumbai to Dubai flights price, and let your body unwind thoroughly.

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu

Waikiki Beach

With its wonderful views of the fountain of liquid magma Diamond Head and typically warm and sans cloud atmosphere, the Waikiki Beach is a standout amongst the most well known getaway destinations on the planet. It is swarmed with skyscraper resort lodgings throughout the entire 2.5 kilometer shoreline. Waikiki is a decent place for learning how to surf as the waves are entirely delicate. A perfect family destination.

 Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, Canada

Kitsilano Beach

With an enticing backdrop of the snow-capped North Shore Mountains, this stretch of grey sand is an ideal spot for the sporty sorts, who wish to do more than simply lying on a towel and mull over the universe. To begin with, it has 10 tennis courts, two basketball courts, and two city parks, along with the biggest saltwater swimming pool in Canada. In case you’re sufficiently fortunate to visit in late July, don’t miss the yearly Celebration of Light, a bewildering universal fireworks competition with roaring and awe-inspiring displays over the English Bay.

Clifton Beaches, Cape Town, South Africa

Clifton Beaches

Cape Town’s Clifton Beaches are a magnet for tourists because of their terrific natural excellence and phenomenal African sunsets. Segmented into four little, however, interlinked bays by gigantic rocks, the different beached oblige diverse demographics. The first one is ideal for the ones loaded with cash, and a lot of riches. The second one is for the gay and hippie set, as contrasted by the third beach which is ideal for families. However, to delve into the true spirit of the Clifton Beaches, head to the fourth beach which is swarmed by the classy, fashionable and crazy revellers. Imagine, all this is found within the limits of a buzzing city. Crazy, right?

Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro, South America


Found right in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana is one of the most celebrated city beaches on the planet. Expanding around 4 kilometers in length, the beach is lined with a host of lodgings, bars, shops, eateries and dance clubs along its walkway. With something or the other continually happening amid the day and the evening, this beach is always upbeat and throbbing with energy.

Enticed enough by these mere details? Well, look no further, and make adequate arrangements to spend the next part of your life at one of these ecstatic destinations. If not permanently, then at least a vacation to these charming spots wouldn’t harm, or would it? Decide fast!

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