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Let’s Got to DELO

Road leads to DELO

Peace and tranquility are missing in busy urban life. People thrive for holidays. And when they get it they quickly make a list of places they need to visit. Frustration in boring mundane life forces them to choose a travel schedule which is hectic and stressful. But do we need to always hop around to increase the list of tourist places we have covered? It cannot always be the only goal of a traveler.

Frontal view of DGHC Tourist Lodge at DELO

Let’s take off the pressure from the accelerator. Make our life easy and slowdown. Let’s not allow everything around us get blurred away…

Let’s go to DELO

It is exactly a kind of place where we SHOULD NOT DO ANYTHING but romantically play with the idleness which is heavily missing from our life.

Garden Area


It’s a small hamlet situated in Darjeeling District just 6km away from Kalimpong. Normally tourists stay at Kalimpong and add this place to their sightseeing schedule. But they miss out a lot.

This place is perfect for a weekend getaway. Even if anyone wants to see Kalimpong he can stay at Delo and hire a car to take a trip of Kalimpong.

Where to Stay:

Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council has built a beautiful Tourist Lodge at Delo and this is undoubtedly the best place for your shelter.

Road Leads to DELO

The road leads to the top of the hill. The majestically designed resort stands secluded from the world. The huge open garden area is more than perfect for your morning and evening walk. You stand on the lush green garden to get a 360-degree view of Mount Kanchenjunga.

Closer view of the Tourist Lodge

Clouds in groups come and pass by. Mist and sunlight play hide and sick only to tickle your senses. In the season time, which is from mid-October to February, if you get up early in the morning then you can have a clear view of Kanchenjunga from your bedroom.

At Garden Area
Beautiful Butterfly


There are 13 rooms in the resort. Booking can be done from Kolkata.

Dinning Room


The address is:

GorkhaBhavan, Salt Lake city

DD 28

Opposite City Centre, Sector – I

Ph no : 7278539979, 9903174047


Room Charges :

The charge of Double Deluxe Rooms in the ground floor is Rs. 2100 per day Whereas Super Deluxe Rooms in the first floor is Rs. 3000 per day. There are suits for which one has to pay Rs. 4000 per day.


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