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Lungthung: A Handful of Cloud for My Tiffin-Box


Me under Spell:

I had forgotten everything.
I had forgotten the fact that I am carrying a digital camera with me. I needed to snap whatever that was worthy enough to be digitized. But I was hypnotized. I was nostalgic. The reminiscence of the stories, my grandma used to tell, were coming back to me.


“…and then the prince got on the back of his horse… the horse flew … went up the sky… to the land of cloud…white milky cloud everywhere..”
I asked my grandma   “….Where is it…I want to go there..”
My grandma pointed her frail finger towards the sky and said with her creamy voice  “…there..one day you’ll be big and strong like the prince and will reach there..”
After so many years I wish I could meet her and say – “..See grandma I have found that place..”
I was at Lungthung. A place where you can literally  walk and stand on the cloud.  If You haven’t left the “child in you” way back in your childhood then you would perhaps stretch your arm to cling  a handful of cloud and preserve it in your empty Tiffin-box.


The fairly Land:

Located at the altitude of 11,500 feet above the sea level, Lungthung is a repose which serves you a fabulous view of Mount Kanchenjunga. On one side the panoramic view of the mountain and on the other side the snaking hairpin bends of the road that goes to Zuluk. This place on the silk route is not to be missed for its defiant virginity.
I was lucky enough to visit this place in the month of February when the snow takes over and every shade of white dominate this place.
In the month of September, this place changes its look. It proves the fact that it is the adobe of different species such as Monal Pheasant, Khaleez Pheasant, Snow Pheasant etc. If you are luckier than the luckiest then you might spot a  Red Panda out for a morning walk.


Food & Lodging:

LUNGHTHUNG ECO RETREAT & LUNGHTHUNG REAL ESTATE are two best resorts for lodging. Apart from the great view of mountain and zigzag roads these resorts also provide basic facilities for staying. Electric lamp at your room and attached bathrooms are quite decent. Like other resorts of the silk route,   these resorts also serve good food but not much variation. Chicken and eggs dominate the menu card. If you have a fetish for fish then you have to compromise.

Explore :

The famous Laxmi Chawk lies in close proximity. From here you can have a breathtaking view of Kalimpong, Pedong & Lava. Walking through the surrounding forest can also be memorable. The forest is home to Rhododendron, Pines, So many wild flowers and rare species of Birds.
If you take a day trip then you can cover Padamchen, Zuluk, Nathang, Kupup Lake, Tukla Valley  etc.

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