Make Every Meal a Delight to Eat and Memories to keep

Be FOOD-E-LICIOUS… it is an awesome beautiful name given to the people who love eating and that too delicious food. So if you are big foodie or love to try different or travel so much and unable to find the right food dor you, then don’t miss this blog, because here you will gonna find all the information about your food in just one blog.

Food is the only thing which assembles all caste, religion at one place. Dishes of South Indians like Sambhar Dosa, wada etc is more loved in North Side of the country, dishes of Italy, Germany, China and many more do not have boundaries. People are eating what make them feel happy. So, make you every meal a delight because eat what you want too and share those moments with people around you. Why only eating just because you are hungry or because you need because you own it and enjoy the moment because there are people who are not getting the food even.

  1. Yummy Memorable food experience Every time.

From our childhood to the last breath of life we will gonna experience alot and alot of new food or taste. Few of the tastes are like…  Eeeewwww..! And few are mout watering dishes. But if Every time when we eat something new we think of the yummy taste or mew recipes.. Right..? But the same dish if we are eating with family and friends we just concentrate on the quality time, why not Every time we feel the same..? While having food make every experience a memorable food experience.


Food is the need of life, we can’t live without food and every meal contains some memories. Like when I first had my favorite dish with my love or the worst with my friends at midnight, or pizza party with cousins?  When we think of these questions a big smile came on our faces no matter where we are or what we are facing right now.

There are restaurants which gave a new definition to fast food and which are playing a good role in our ‘yummy memorable dood experiences ‘. McDonald’s, Pizza hut, KFC, Haldirams, domino’s and many more, these restaurants have crossed the boundaries and serving there yummy meals across the world. Not only youngsters love these foods but having these yummiest foods no age is required.

  1. Don’t just have food….enjoy it too

Food is something which is responsible for your health and fitness. Enjoy your food so that its goodness will effect positively on your health and leave a good effect on your health. If you will have your food just for the need of the body and will not enjoy it then you will not going to take its positive effect on your health.


Our ancestors used to say that ‘ have your food with happiness and with your family, because it unites you and gives you memories’. Just don’t have your food enjoy it to yehe fullest, because when you are having the yummiest food someone somewhere is begging for a bite, thank your God and enjoy your food.

There are meals which are mostly loved by the people like rajma chawal, pav bhaji, Dosa,idli Sambhar,utpam, chole bhature and many more. Enjoy your food and make memories.

  1. Save money and act smart

When you know that you love something but the price of that is increasing than you must have some substitute too. Like, if you love coffee and the price of coffee is increasing than you can choose tea. If you have substitute dishes and then you can act smart when the price of that thing is increasing, by that you can save money as well as you can try a new taste and try something different.


If you are ordering food online or you are going somewhere out in a famous restaurant or hotel then before having your first check Internet if you can find Food Deals and Discounts because there are restaurants and hotels which knows the value of being Foodie that’s why the keep on updating New Food Offers and Deals which can save your money and that too when you are having your favorite food.

  1. Plan budget on tour

If you are going on a tour then you need to have many things in mind. You need to think about things and other small or big expenses. Food expenses are one of the most important expenses which we can’t skip or ignore, because sometimes when we are planning for a trip and food of that place may be expensive so for that too we need to plan for a budget.

When we are going somewhere obviously we would love to try new cuisines of that place or some specialty of that place, and what if you can get Offers And Deals for that..? Great..! Wherever you are going to some place just research on the foods of that place and search if any restaurant or hotel is offering something attractive for you. If you can find famous restaurants there then grab Pizza Offers, pasta offers, lunch/dinner/breakfast offers and many more.

If you will follow these than for sure you will end up your tour with memories and saving money.

  1. Fast Food is killing today’s youth

When we are talking about food then fast food is should be at the top of the list. In today’s world people are addictive to fast food. When we are talking so much positive about food then it is my responsibility to say a bit about fast food disadvantages. Fast Food Is affecting today’s youth very adversely, people are so much addictive to fast food that they don’t want to have green veggies, nutritional food etc. They just want fast food, which spoiling the health of today’s generation. Earlier people used to have high fiber, vitamin or healthy food but now fast food has taken 70-80% place in today’s generation as well aged people’s lives.


Fast Food is good if you are having it one in a while or twice but people are making it a habit and which has a bad impact. People are facing much disease, cholesterol problem, BP problems and many more. Today 4-5 years kid is facing the problem which a 40-50 aged person had earlier.

  1. Online food a new trend

When we are talking about food a new term is very popular these days I.e. Online food stores… Now you don’t need to go out for food or something you can order your favorite food online and get it deliver at your door step. There are many websites launched which offer your Local Food Delivery, here you can find your favorite hotel or any hotel nearby you and can place your order with the comfortably of your home. You can get your food delivery from your favorite restaurant that too at your door steps in given time period.


That’s not only the reason that you are getting you Food Home Delivery but also you can grab the Online Latest Food Deals and Discount Offers. Visit or another deals & coupons websites which lists down the best Online Food Promo Code and Coupon codes, by which you can save you money and can have your food within your pocket.

So, people should need to know that now its high time to stop having these kind of foods for their wellness.

So, enjoy every moment of your food and be FOOD-E-LICIOUS and save money with keeping your memories for lifetime.

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