Mayuri Resort of Araku – A place to embrace idleness.

In Orissa “ARAKU” means red soil. Araku Valley is the Valley of red soil.


Situated on the Eastern Ghats nestled under the shadows of silver, oak and eucalyptus trees, Araku is the valley of mystic dreams. With Extremely pleasant weather,  this is the place to relax and let the time flow by, let idleness embrace you.

Mayuri Hill Resorts Araku Mayuri Hill Resort Araku Mayuri Hill Resort Araku

Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department have chosen a great spot for HARITHA MAYURI RESORT. Almost each room has got a attached terrace with it and bestowed with a spectacular panoramic view.

Mayuri Hill Resort Araku Mayuri Hill Resort Araku Mayuri Hill Resort Araku

I was standing on the terrace looking at the endless expanse of the valley in front of me. It was such a relief for my eyes. My ears were listening … chirping of birds, cricket combined with audible silence from nature.

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I called my team members, my brother my uncle and my wife to pose for me. They readily agreed.


Some of them tried be little adventurous.

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The garden area was well decorated. The resort itself has got a look of a tourist spot. I went down to the garden to take some pictures. I asked my wife to pose for me…again, this time she was more interested in exploring the place.

From the garden, I was able to take few interesting pictures. The railway track looked like a semicircular tale of a monster who’s body is hiding under the bushes.



And then slice of local life.  Some villagers doing their daily chores.

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A lizard taking its afternoon nap or waiting for my click !!



Sometime later we went outside of the boundary of the resort. A local group was preparing bamboo chicken. It is a delicious preparation made by stuffing chicken inside of bamboo and cooked on coal.





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