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Melbourne`S Best Secret Foodie Destinations

If you are visiting Australia there is much more to see apart from well-known sights and experiencing water activities. Melbourne is the top place to go, not only because of its marvellous Royal Botanic Gardens and the Zoo brimming with wildlife – the food is what will leave you speechless down there. The melting pot of nations, the city of numerous nations and cultures, is actually the perfect spot for tasting delicious cuisines from all over the world.

Waste no more time, book a flight and check out the hidden gems among Melbourne’s foodie destinations.

Vegetarians will love Lentil as Anything

When you opt for exploring Melbourne, there is restaurant to check out if you are fond of green environments, healthy snacks and are willing to taste a wide range of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Visit Lentil as Anything (41 Blessington Street, St Kilda). There is no set price for a dish, and this is the thing that makes Lentil as Anything different from all the others in the city. You decide how much you are willing to pay for the food. It is all about giving the feedback so express your opinion on the food by paying adequately. You are bound to feel the versatility of nations out there because the restaurant employs mostly volunteers, mainly refugees and migrants, an unusual experience you will never forget. Locals love their healthy dishes and you need to try veggie lasagne. Vietnamese salad is delicious too so enjoy tasting it while you help migrants and refugees integrate into the society.


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Dine up in the skies at Dinner in the Sky



There is a place in Melbourne that is all the rage and it is called Dinner in the Sky. Your dining table will be places 50 metres up in the air and hanging by a crane. There is no better way to have a look above the city and explore all of its magnificent sights. As many as 22 guests can sit by the table and you will have an excellent service. The best thing to do here is organize a marriage, because you will have a unique experience. The best thing to try are their shrimps along with the best Australian wine.

Have a royal treatment at Encore

If you feel like indulging in some delicious dishes and enjoying the state-of-art interior design, visit Encore restaurant. The cosy restaurant is the best kept secret of Melbourne eating out, and it is placed in the Hotel Grand Chancellor, located on Lonsdale Street. The famous chef boasts in preparing simple dishes with outstanding flavours. What you need to try is their well-known dish the locals are mad about – sesame seed crusted salmon fillet. Do not forget to taste their famous wine, too. Bon appetite!


Taste the delicious Polish meals at After the Tears

If you are looking for some international food in Melbourne do not miss the best Polish restaurant in the Land Down Under – After the Tears (9B Gordon Street, Elsternwick). You need to taste their borsch which is a beetroot soup and pierogi (dumplings). But there is a thing that will make you sigh in awe – their offer of different brands of vodka. Try nutty vodkas and invite your friends over for a night you are hardly likely to ever forget!


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Try Gypsy food at Zingara Cucina

Restaurant called Zingara Cucina (Italian for Gypsy Kitchen) is an unforgettable underground experience. There is no fixed address to this restaurant as it changes all the time, from bridges, galleries to car parks. Come in for a surprise and taste Galletto arrosto con ripieno di verdura while enjoy the delightful atmosphere.


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Melbourne is the best city in Australia to go on a food-tasting adventure. The offer is versatile, from underground restaurants, some hanging up in the skies to the ones where you will be treated like a king. Book a flight and enjoy the delicious dishes Melbourne has to offer as soon as possible!

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