Must-Have Baking Tools & Utensils for Every Baking Lovers

When it comes to baking all we have to care about is using good quality ingredients, measuring them properly to make the perfect cake batter and bake it in a perfect temperature in an equally good oven. Sounds easy, but sometimes the entire procedure become a little bit difficult without proper tools and utensils.

So, here we are talking about some baking tools and utensils that are must-have for all home baker.

Kitchen Weighing Scale

Kitchen Weighing Scale

For a perfect baking, we first have to measure our ingredients properly and for that the tool we need is a good kitchen scale.

The scale showing here is made up of plastic and the top of it is of glass. It can measure up to 5 kg weight. It can also display the weight in pound and ounce. You can easily convert the weight into another unit by simply pressing the unit button below.

For home baking it is a perfect one and comes with low battery or overload indication and Tare function. The only negative point of it is the product doesn’t has any warranty card. But I personally using it for quite some time without facing any problem.

You can readily purchase it from online or from a store. For online purchase click here.

Measuring Glass

Measuring Glass

After the kitchen scale next, we need a made measuring glass to measure our weight ingredients. These cups come in different size and material. The best one is made up of glass which is also the costlier one. You can measure from 250 ml to 1lt in a measuring glass like this. A cheaper measuring glass made up of plastic can also be available in store. For online purchase please check here. The price will vary with size and material.

While measuring a liquid in this type of cups please remember to hold the cup at your eye level to get exact measurement.

Measuring Cups and Spoons Set

Measuring Cups

Another important thing that we badly needed when we bake is a proper set of measuring cups and spoons.

The four most important size of measuring cups are 1 cup, ½ cup, 1/3rd Cup and 1/4th Cup and equally important 4 spoon size are 1Tbsp, 1Tsp, 1/2Tsp, and 1/4Tsp. You can easily get these cups and spoon set at any physical and online store. The price of these cups varies with quality and material.

Mixing Bowl

Mixing Bowl

After weighing comes mixing. For proper mixing, we need a proper mixing bowl. For mixing, we need two bowls; one for dry ingredients and one for mixing the wet ingredients. For this, you can use deep melamine bowl or any other deep stainless steel or wooden bowl. You can find this one in both online and offline store. For online purchase click here.


It is an extremely important baking tool for every baker. We need it to mix all the dry ingredients properly before putting them together in the wet ingredients. It would be great if you can sieve the ingredients 2-3 times. These types of sieves are readily available in every store.

Whisks and Spatula

To mix all the ingredients needed for a cake batter we need some whisks and spatula. Initially to mix all the wet ingredients we need balloon whisks. These whisks come in a different size. Depending on the amount of your batter choose a big or small whisk.

Next comes a ball whisk which is used to beat a little amount of egg white to make it fluffy.

Generally, the spatula we use for baking is made up of silicon. These are used to mix the dry ingredients to the wet.

Other than manual whisks, you can any time use an electric beater to minimize the manual effort.

Cake Moulds

Cake moulds come in different shapes and sizes. These can be round, square, heart-shaped, ring-shaped or even can be found in some other unique shapes. Generally, four types of cake pans are the most popular nowadays.

  1. Aluminium heavy bottom cake moulds- these are cheap, lasts longer and bakes any cake evenly. But these are also not non-stick and it is little difficult to remove any burnt stains from these pans.
  2. Non-Stick cake moulds– these are costlier than aluminium moulds but also lasts longer and it is easy to remove stains from these pans.
  3. Silicon cake moulds– unbreakable and non-stick. Costlier than the previous ones.
  4. Bake-n-serve paper cake moulds– ideal to carry cakes while you are travelling.

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