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Let’s Indulge our Shopping Spree- New Market kolkata

An Indian road.

Colorful merchandises are heaped on both sides of that road.

A call from the local shopkeeper to the passers-by- ‘come, have a look at the products’; if you are in India then these are some common scenes to you. But, it is beyond doubt that how common the situations are to you still they are attractive like the first day when you encounter those things.

Welcome to Indian markets or should I say street markets? Whatever they are, they are eye-catching. Irrespective of your love for shopping; the colorful arrangements, the choices of goods, the range of prices are such points that these markets are bound to draw your attention from the very beginning.

Believe it or not, you will find everything from shoes to vegetables to jewelry here in a pocket-friendly manner.

Let’s go and indulge our shopping spree.

New Market Kolkata

Image Source: http://goo.gl/cKGPvh
Image Source: http://goo.gl/177pMZ


One of the oldest of its kind in India. Established by Sir Stuart Hogg in the year 1874 in Kolkata, then Calcutta, the official name of it is Hogg Market; named after its founder.  But the most popular, currently counted among the list of the most elite markets, it is commonly known as the New Market all over India.

It is a common phrase among the local people that if you search you may find tiger’s milk over here. Jokes apart; however, it is true that you will find almost every possible commodity available on earth here.

The Building

Image Source: http://goo.gl/cKGPvh
Image Source: http://goo.gl/cKGPvh

The idiosyncratic red building is a symbol of Kolkata now a day. However, the current building is restructured after the late 1985 fire; only the big red gothic clock tower depicts the glory of its past.

The Market

Image Source: http://goo.gl/dlojd2
Image Source: http://goo.gl/dlojd2

The structure of this market is unique.  There are 2000 separate stalls divided in seven blocks. The most attractive feature over here is the stalls are arranged according to merchandise. There is one row of stalls selling apparels whereas the other row sells vegetables.

Starting from clothes to fish and meat you can have everything over here.

Open from 10.30am to 7.30pm on Monday to Friday and Saturday till 2.30pm it is a place for bargaining.

The most attractive shop

Image Source: http://goo.gl/Kp0oIr
Image Source: http://goo.gl/Kp0oIr

However, all the stalls are interesting; the most famous one is the Nahoum’s Bakery. The shop is almost same as it was in the year 1902 when its Jewish owner founded it after he came here from Baghdad. During Christmas, its mouthwatering cake is a delicacy.

The street market outside

Image Source: https://goo.gl/OsiYV9
Image Source: https://goo.gl/OsiYV9

It is true that you will find every possible thing on earth under one roof in New Market, but there is another point of attraction which you will feel as soon as you enter the Lindsay street.

Before you reach the number 19 building (the very location), you will find loads of interesting objects dump on both sides of the road. The colors and arrangement will have enough power to blow out your mind. Welcome to the world of one of the most popular street markets of India.

Image Source: http://goo.gl/hxkk4Z
Image Source: http://goo.gl/hxkk4Z

Here, you can have bags, clothes, garments, junk jewelry, home décor items, fancy furniture, and a lot more in an unbelievable price range. I personally like the collection of bags here. Starting from traditional to ultra-modern or fancy you will have all the options here.  If you are a jewelry lover then the collection of junk jewelry will obviously catch your eyes.

The Food

Here comes the food section. It is the other point of attraction of the street market. Some of the most delicious momos of Kolkata can be found right in this place. There is also a large variety of ice creams and Kolkata made rolls.


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