Planning The Perfect Kitchen For Foodies



Many budding chefs, cooks, and foodies have an idea of their dream kitchen. A place where they can plan and prepare food and dazzle others with their culinary skills. We don’t all have the budget to rebuild our kitchens from scratch. However, there are several changes we can make to turn our kitchens into a food lover’s paradise.

Create Zones

A good place to start with any kitchen is to create zones. First and foremost, you will need somewhere to prepare food. Make sure you have enough space and that utensils are close to hand. Don’t clutter the surfaces with too many appliances and accessories. Put them away until you need them. This will provide you with maximum space.

You will need an area for washing the dishes. If you’re lucky, you will have a dishwasher. But if not, make sure you have enough space to stack dirty dishes, so they don’t take over your surfaces. Clean dishes can be stacked on the draining board until you get round to drying them.

A quick note on sinks. If you have the option, double sinks make all the difference. One sink can be filled with soapy water to receive the pans as you’re cooking. The other one can be used to drain pasta etc.

You will also need a dining zone. Not everyone eats in the kitchen, of course. And some meals are better served in the dining room. But for those casual family suppers, you will need a kitchen table and chairs.


Kitchen appliances will vary, depending on your interests. A baker may have a wide oven or even a bread oven. While, an everyday cook may be content with a regular oven. People who bake cakes may opt for a fancy mixer with all the related accessories. Lovers of Italian food may have a Uuni Pizza Oven to prepare their pizzas from scratch.


Whatever your kitchen style, there are a few basic utensils that everyone can benefit from:

  • A good set of knives
  • Spoons, ladles, and wooden spoons
  • Slotted spoons and spatulas
  • A reliable set of kitchen scales
  • A whisk
  • A grater
  • Can opener
  • Corkscrew
  • Thermometer
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Timer
  • Pans and baking tins
  • Bowls and other receptacles




Lighting is paramount in the kitchen and requires some thought. You will need adequate lighting for food preparation areas. Counter top lights and shelf lights are useful if the main light isn’t sufficient. You will also need good lighting over the sink to ensure that pots and utensils are kept clean.

The other area to keep in the mind is the kitchen table. As well as eating it’s often a place where the family gathers during the day. People sit and drink tea and coffee. The kids do their homework there. So it’s useful to have a good overhead light.

Kitchen Textiles

Little things like kitchen textiles and washcloths can make all the difference. Opt for high-quality cleaning cloths and tea towels made from cotton or linen. You will find that they are more efficient and that they will last longer.

Keep the table looking at its best with a good tablecloth. Wipe-clean cloths are useful for everyday use. Swap this with a cotton cloth or similar for meal times.

What would you include in your dream kitchen?

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