Some Cheap Places to stay in India

India is a country known for its diversity and rich cultural background. Due to this India attracts tourists from every corner of the world for a long time. At present, travelling in India can be costly; sometimes beyond your expectation. However, here are some chap places to stay which you may find interesting while visiting India.

Greenpalm Homestay, Alleppey, Kerala

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The Backwaters of Kerala are a world famous tourist spot in India and are a huge network of rivers, canals and lakes where remote island villages are accessible only by boat with only antique canoes for transportation.

Greenpalm Homestay is set into this supremely quiet and calming place. Various activities here includes walks around the village, meeting the locals and drink chai, bike rides to explore the place, and hikes through the fields.

The food is home-cooked and delicious. The menu includes fresh rice straight from the family’s own paddy fields. The rooms are equipped with private bathrooms and A/C, though A/c facilities are optional.

Charges for rooms are from INR 1,750 – 3,250 depending on the quality of the room. The charge is for a double with three meals a day. Cheaper rooms are also available. Check for bookings.

Beena Homestay, Fort Kochi, Kerala

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This is a wonderful homestay near the center of Fort Kochi. Here you feel like part of the family. Beena and her husband is welcoming host and always to help. Breakfast and dinner is included in the room charges. The simple rooms are clean and comfortable with attached bathrooms.

Charges range from INR 600 to 1500. Check for bookings.

Shanthi Guesthouse, Hampi

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Hampi is a place famous for ancient ruins and temples of a lost city located amongst a huge landscape of stacked boulders. Shanthi Guesthouse is a place to enjoy the best sunsets. It is located across the river, so it takes a little time to get to the ruins, but the walk is worth for the tranquil environment and spectacular views.

The round-shaped huts are simple with swings on the verandahs. The restaurant has cushions on the floor for relaxing and astonishing views of the green rice paddy fields.

Huts cost INR 650 – 1200 depending on the view. Check for booking.

Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort, Hodka, Gujurat

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At Shaam-e-Sarhad you can choose either a comfortable tent or beautiful Bhunga, circular mud huts decorated with colorful designs, in blatant contrast to the dirty, thorny desert landscape in Bhuj.

It is an interesting place and the highlight was the performances by local folk musicians around the campfire. The vegetarian food is also mouthwatering.

A double room charges including all meals INR 1800. For bookings, check

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