Surf n’ Turf Safari in Mozambique

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It seems that Mozambique is unfairly left out of the popular African destinations. When traveling to Africa, everyone would rather visit some of the South Africa’s safaris, Morocco’s historic sites or some other country. Still, it is not so widely known that Mozambique has an abundance of astonishing beaches and an amazingly diverse underwater world. So what this surf n’ turf adventure has in common with a typical safari is the discovery. There is a whole vastness of 2470 km (1500 miles) of coastline to explore. The best thing is that most of it is still, practically, undiscovered. Perhaps it is the perfect time to change that and discover all the potentials Mozambique has to offer.


The Tourism Infrastructure

It is true that Mozambique was caught by a devastating civil war that lasted for 15 long years (1977 – 1992), but it is trying very hard to stand back on its feet since then. Once the country has recovered, it became obvious just how much tourism potential it has. Although still in its relative infancy, the tourism sector of Mozambique contributed 7.6 percent to the country’s GDP in 2013, a number that is expected to grow more than 6 percent by 2024, according to the predictions of the World Travel and Tourism Council. Today we can see the efforts to indulge the tourists, such as the ease of getting a visa, and more and more accommodation options.


Getting Around in Mozambique

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Due to improving the tourist infrastructure, today it is easier than ever before to know your way around the country. There is room for improvements, however, and it is still hard to find accommodation on the spot. A wiser choice is, in any case, booking a house or apartment for rent via websites such as People are very friendly and will help you in any situation. Some of them will know English, but make sure you carry a Portuguese dictionary with you, just in case. You will have no problems finding food that will please your taste buds, as most of Mozambique food is delicious. Definitely try prawns, peri peri chicken, prego rolls, matapa and paõ (pronounced pow).


Diving into the Amazing Mozambique

If you have time to visit just one area of the country, you should most definitely choose Mozambique’s blend of beach hideaway, colorful fish, turquoise water and the laissez-faire attitude, which will get you dancing barefoot on the beach – Bazaruto Archipelago. By diving in this area, you will have the chance to discover mantas, hammerheads, sea turtles and whale sharks. There are several locations for underwater research in the archipelago, and here are our top two.

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  • San Sebastian

Located 90 minutes south of the archipelago (by speedboat), San Sebastian’s coral-clad pinnacles bursting from water are truly amazing scenes. Diving there is for the experienced, but you can try your scuba skills. And in the months between May and December, you can swim with whale sharks.

  • Two Mile Reef

If you prefer snorkeling, the area of Two Mile Reef can be easily explored when the waters are low. This location will enable you to discover the only surviving colony of African dugong – sea cows.


Surfing on the Turquoise Waters

Surfing is becoming a popular motive for visiting Mozambique. The best time for you and your surfboard to visit is in June, July and August, but you can also come in the period between February and October.

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  • Tofinho at Tofo

Considered the best surf spot in the country, Tofinho offers a variety of waves for just about any level of experience. The immaculate reefs, great waves, warm waters, affordability and friendly locals are just some of the reasons to visit.

  • Ponta du Ouro

This point break offers world class surfing, because it can provide rides longer than 1 km. An additional perk is that this Point of Gold is one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world.


With all its picturesque beaches, turquoise waters and magical underwater realm, Mozambique is truly a travel-brochure-worthy destination. With the uninterrupted blossoming of tourism, the country will soon become a fierce competitor of famous beach destinations such as Seychelles and Mauritius. Be a step ahead of tourism trends and start your African adventure by exploring the underwater world of Mozambique and surfing on the waves of the Indian Ocean, today.


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