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Top 3 momo serving restaurants of Kolkata

Are you a street-food lover? I am sure; a healthy percentage of the Indian population is a great admirer of Indian street-food. However, the recent trend suggests that among street-foods the health food options are gaining popularity more rapidly. Oh! Here, I am missing the most important feature of street-food. It is taste. A street-food will not gain its popularity until and unless it is tasty. And here comes the option that meets these two features-Momo.

This Tibetan dumpling is a tasty and healthy option available in every Indian street and also in some good fast-food restaurants.  Here, I am presenting a list of top 3 fast-food centers of Kolkata that serves the best momo ever.


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Established in 2008 by two alumni of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, Wow! Momo is a fastest-growing fast-food restaurant chain based primarily in Kolkata. They have great varieties of momo, sizzler momo, spring rolls to offer you. The price is also within your reach.  They have numerous outlets all over Kolkata.


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This is another great momo restaurant and has 3 outlets in Kolkata. One in Axis Mall, Rajarhat, another in Hatibagan and the last one in Mani Square, bypass. Their menu has a great variety to serve. Not only numerous types of momo; they also serve Thukpa, spring roll, and some mouth-watering desserts. One of their most uncommon desserts is fried ice-crème topped with chocolate sauce. You can have this lucrative dessert only in Rs.39. You may also have some combo meal option here.

Momo Plaza

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This one is near Rabindra Sadan metro station. It is one of the oldest and traditional momo restaurants in Kolkata. People love this place for its authentic Tibetan momo and the traditional ambience. Other than momos they also serve some of the most authentic Tibetan dishes. Other than momo their dishes include thukpa, kothay, different varieties of soups and rice. It is also a very economic restaurant. Average cost of eating here for two people is Rs.350.

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