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Top 4 Places to visit in Coorg

Summer is on. The Sun is emitting heats like a blast Furness. In addition to that there is another specialty of Indian summer- humidity. In short, Indian summer is a package of uneasiness. However, the fun is that irrespective of the heat, the wedding season is also running. Young people are getting married and are in search of cool honeymoon places. In a big country like India, options are copious.

One of such honeymooners’ paradises is Coorg. Well-known for its tea and coffee plantation, it is a hill station in Karnataka of calm and seclusion. The nature-lover young couples who are hoping to escape the city crowd can find this place ideal for the honeymoon. Here is a list of 4 places of Coorg to check out with your significant other.

 Abbi Falls  

Abbi Falls
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8kms away from Madikeri, Coorg, Abbi Falls is a private coffee estate. Other than the waterfall you can enjoy the beauty of coffee and cardamom plantations. The sweet sound of the pouring water from the rock produces a typical melody that is a master in rejuvenating your mind.

 Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare Elephant Camp
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Alluring terrain Dubare is famous for the local elephant camp. The place is on the banks of the river Cauvery. The elephants for the Mysore Dussehra festival were trained at this elephant camp. The other two attractions here are Nisargadhama and Veerabhoomi.

 Mallali Falls

Mallali Falls
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Mallalli Falls is an enchanting place where you can enjoy nature and can gain a lifetime experience. The place rests between green forests and a gorgeous mountain is a well-known trekking destination. The falls is 62m high from the ground.

 Mandalpatti View Point

Mandalpatti View Point
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The luxurious green environment of Mandalpatti is enough to cast a spell on you during a trek. The coffee farms with its heavenly smell will give you a silent call for sip a cup of coffee. It is a place that will provoke you to climb higher and higher. You may feel tired, but the beauty of the nature will certainly not let you stop a halfway.

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