Top 5 Evergreen Sailing Destinations

Among the celebrities that love boating, George Clooney is definitely one of the most passionate ones. He even went that far, that his wedding was an event that could be accessed only by a boat. Also, the media says he spends a lot of time at LakeComo in Italy (, Colleen Richardson, Feb. 2015). Luckily, you do not have to be rich and famous in order to enjoy this sport. Boats can be rented and the beauty of the world-known boating destinations is the same for everybody. Therefore, if you want to take this pastime seriously, make these top 5 destinations your goal. These are the classic places that every sailing lover visits at least once.

Santorini, Greece

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Even though the name itself sounds more Italian than Greek, this amazing island is a part of the Greek Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. The stunning beauty of this island lies in the fact that it has been devastated by a volcano in the 16th century BC. This causes the pebbles of the unbelievably beautiful beaches to be red, black and white. The scenery is enriched by the classical Greek, cube-shaped houses and the gorgeous Aegean Sea. The two biggest cities are Fira and Oia. Things to experience at Santorini are the Old Venetian Lighthouse and the Hot Springs. There are many amazing snorkeling spots around the island and wonderful beaches to take a break.

Caribbean, USA

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This is not a destination that should be even taken into account if you do not have at least 7 days to spend it Caribbean island hopping. Smart move would be to use Puerto Rico as a starting place and go to the British and the US Virgin Islands from there. These gems are very famous among the sailors and people gladly spend their time exploring these natural beauties. Depending on the time you decide to spend there, you can go east and go for a real adventure of visiting the smaller islands like Barbuda or Guadelupe, Barbados and Grenada. Another way is west, where you can enjoy the famous Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Either way, Aruba and Curacao wait for you down south.

Bay of Islands, New Zealand


A lot of boat lovers agree that Waitangi Treaty Grounds is the best place to start exploring the Bay of Islands. You should also see the HaluluFalls and many orchards and the wonders of the national reserve. Then, head to the Russel wharf and, if you are in the mood, explore this cute town. If not, just sail around the Hole in the Rock, wandering through the scattered islands of the bay. Do not be surprised if you spot the dolphins on your way.

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

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The famous WhitsundayIslands are easily among the most adored destinations among the boating lovers. NookIsland is a great start because it is easy to reach. The WhitsundayIsland is just south and that is your next stop to the HamiltonIsland where you should take a break and perhaps even have somebody do some boat maintenance for you while you explore the fun and busy marina. Just north from it is the Whitsunday beach. It is legendary for its tranquility and the sand and water colors that seem unreal. Further on, you can decide if you want a luxury stay or more of the natural wonder. For the first choice, you should go to the HaymanIsland while DaydreamIsland has enchanting nature.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

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You can simply go to Tahiti without any itinerary whatsoever, and still have remarkable time. Each spot is perfect for enjoying nature and every anchor you drop will take you to the perfect snorkeling place. Naturally, once you are there, you cannot afford to miss out on the gorgeous Motu Toopua. If you hope to spot some dolphins, search for Motu Ceran. But, for a more adrenaline packed experience, go shark-feeding at Bora Bora Lagoon.

Obviously, once you have your boat all ready, every destination is a good one. You will enjoy yourself even if you just take it for a spin. However, it is great if you make a bucket list of all the places you want to visit ad dedicate your free time to crossing out item by item on it. If you do, these five places should definitely be on that list.

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