Train Travel Guide

Taking any long distance trip in the train is one of the best ways to know more about India. You can see scenic landscapes while in the train and also meet different people on the train. This train travel guide is all the information you need for a great journey!

  • Make reservations beforehand: You always should make reservations in advance and confirm them. Most of the trains are booked for months so it could be difficult to get a last minute reservation.
  • Pick a comfy class: When you make a reservation, you need to choose what class you want to travel by. If you need AC coach to travel, then pick that class. Do not confuse it with the others. If you need help, then you can always check the net.
  • Finding your train: Railways stations are always crowded and you have to read and hear the announcement well to find the correct train. Always re-confirm when you get inside the train, you don’t want to end up reaching some wrong destination.
  • Book food: You cannot carry tons of food for train journeys and that’s why you can book the menu and the food you want online. So, once you have booked and confirmed your ticket, don’t forget to book food too.
  • Do research: If you are traveling by trains for the first time, then do some research online regarding how the system works and the place you are heading to. You can always see how the stations look and which stations you will cross in between.
  • Plan well before delays: If you are going to change trains, then always reach sometime before on the next station. It isn’t completely up to you but pick trains which have a good gap of time in between the arrival and departure time.
  • Pack well: When you are traveling by trains, there is an advantage on the suitcases you can take. You don’t really have too much restriction when it comes to the weight of your bags. But it is always advisable to carry few suitcases, which are well locked and not too heavy. If you have to run around with the bags, then it could be a problem for you to manage heavy bags.
  • Carry personal things handy: Keep all your personal things like creams, books, music player, ticket, ID, wallet, water and other things in a handy backpack.
  • Get a route book: Many vendors sell train route map books at the station and inside trains too. You can always buy one and keep referring and checking which place you are heading to and what route your train is taking.
  • Be safe: Keep all your belongings and bags safe. You never know when it could get flicked! Not that someone would do it but crowded stations are a hub for theft. So, always be alert and careful.

Apart from these things, you should arrive early at the stations to catch your train and to find your seat to settle in.

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