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Fresh Air, Cypress Trees, A Virgin Beach – Udaipur Calling

“Anxious am I, that I’ll not survive
The turmoils of this busy life.
Hurrying here, scurrying there, 
To appointments with people who haven’t a care, 
To let you know they’ve been delayed, 
By transport or others, ~~ why be dismayed.” – Jonathan Goldman

Sounds familiar? Yeah! Pretty much. It is a very common situation for all of us who are surviving the chaotic lifestyle of a busy city. I know, it means something special to us, the Calcuttans. Every day, on our way to school or workplace we face traffic jam, barricades, processions, and numerous other hazards that make our daily life hectic and stressful. And…. above all, there is ever growing pollution level; we are craving for fresh air and a few days without mental and physical stress.

Friends, don’t get upset…just cheer up. A lot of places are there near your home where you can spend a slow and calm weekend to regain your energy and freshness.

What are you talking about, a calm and cool place near Kolkata? Are you joking?  No, absolutely not. It’s a place called Udaipur.  Udaipur? It’s in Rajasthan. Yeah, it is. But here on the Orissa border of West Bengal, there is a secluded beach named Udaipur.

Welcome to Udaipur


Udaipur- the virgin beach is 2Km from Digha railway station and far from the madding crowd of Digha, it is a place of isolated sea beach, cypress trees, fresh air, heavenly smell of fried fish, innocent village dwellers, fishermen, coconut water, cane work and handicrafts – a place with ultimate peace.

Oceana Tourist Complex



In Udaipur, the most popular accommodation is of the State Fisheries Development Corporation, Govt. of West Bengal’s Oceana Tourist Complex. The resort is a 3-acre property with 19 separate rooms or cottages with all modern amenities. It has both AC and Non- AC accommodation for your convenience.



Oceana tourist resort is surrounded by beautiful picturesque garden and a separate play area for the kids. Also, there is a beautiful lake within this resort and an equally beautiful conference hall in between that lake. The sea beach is 150 meters away from the resort. You may take a cycle van or can walk your way to the beach.

The telephone numbers of Kolkata booking office:  0332376470 & 03327062263

Telephone number of the resort: 03220266149; 09434018849

 Oceana Tent Resorts


Image Source: http://goo.gl/8grN3C

Want to add some adventure to your weekend Udaipur trip? Then go for Oceana tent resorts. Repose of State Fisheries Development Corporation offers you a tent stay with every modern luxury. It is the place where you stay like Robinson Crusoe; of course without the hazard of ship-wreck and commodity problems.

 The Beach






The main attraction of Udaipur is its long stretched seashore. Due to lack of human interference, this beach is still pretty much clean and fresh. You can enjoy fresh coconut water here; the smell of freshly fried fish, which the local villagers sale on the beach is equally lucrative. For shopping lovers like me, there are two or more stalls beside the beach where local villagers sell hand-made products.


Image Source: http://goo.gl/U5WZd9


Image Source: http://goo.gl/PiJmA8

The ideal time to visit Udaipur is from October to February. We visited there in last October and the experience is really mesmerizing. But if you love a more high sea then choose the rainy season.

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    Wonderful description.

    How to book the Oceana Tourist Complex Cottages. One cottage can accommodate how many people?


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