All the useful tips for prepping your home before vacation


For everyone who owns a piece of real-estate, going on vacation demands careful planning, regardless of you leaving town for a few days, weeks or months.

From security tips to practical advice, we’re giving you a few useful tips that will prepare your home for your absence, as well as for your smooth return.

Start with a checklist

Going on a trip is overwhelming enough itself (all the packing, traveling arrangements and other mandatories), so being on point about all things you need to do before you leave is almost impossible. This is why a good checklist will help, with all that needs to be done listed out and prioritized. If you were aware of the trip at least one week in advance, that’s your time to start planning. The earlier the better – and less room for missing something out.

Clean out the fridge

Give all the food from your fridge to the neighbours or a homeless shelter nearby. All the fresh, quality food shouldn’t go to waste just because you forgot it in the fridge. Foods that are “dry” can wait for your return.

Think of your pets


Unless you are planning on taking your pets with you, make sure they are well taken care of after your departure by entrusting your friends/family or your town pet shelter/hotel with them. Whoever is going to be taking care of your little furry friend, make sure they are aware of detailed care instructions. They should have plenty of your pet’s favorite foods, treats, toys, medicines and other supplies on hand.

Prep your plants

Ask your trusted neighbor, or best friend, to drop by the house from time to time to water the plants. In case you don’t want to overwhelm anyone with your house-duties, invest in self-watering plant stakes.

Tackle the laundry

Young family on day out in country
Young family on day out in country

Wash and put away laundry before you leave and double-check if anything’s left in the washing machine.

Leave a light on

If you are going out of town on a short trip, leave a few lamps on throughout the house to make it look like you are there. For a longer vacation, it wouldn’t harm if you invested in automatic timers that can turn the lights on and off at staggered intervals. They are inexpensive and they are making the house look occupied. If you are close to your neighbors, you can always leave them a key and ask them to pay your home a visit from time to time.

Unplug all the gadgets


Temporarily unplug all the electronic device around the house. Not only will you save the energy that way, but you’ll prevent any potential fires from happening. Appliances that are advised against unplugging can stay plugged in, but, in that case, make sure someone checks up on your home from time to time.

Hire a house-sitter

Hiring a sitter may be the answer to all of you “problems”. When you’ve got a trusted person to take care of your home while you are not there, you don’t have to burden your friends/family members with the “little tasks” you’ve planned for them. Lately, house sitting in Melbourne is getting very popular as people travel a lot, have hectic schedules and simply cannot take care of everything on their own. If you go for this option, make sure you do your booking at least a week earlier.

Prepare for your return

Prior to leaving, do a few things that will make your return home easier and more cheerful.

Wind it

Keep your house airy while you are gone, to avoid the stale smell. Leave the windows ajar to let the breeze circulate through your home; further, leave the air fresheners on and set them to your favorite fragrance. Returning home will feel wonderful.

Tidy the house

Sweep or vacuum floors, wipe down the dust from counters and give toilets a quick clean. Change the sheets for a welcoming first night and make sure the clothes aren’t scattered around. You want to come back to an organized home, not a chaotic arrangement.

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