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Ways to enjoy Durga Puja in Kolkata

It’s Durga puja time in Kolkata; the biggest festival of West Bengal is knocking at the door. After 12th of October this year, if you visit Kolkata then you can feel this festive excitement which runs through the veins of the city of joy. Kolkata is now illuminated with colorful lights; there are beautiful Pandals in every corner of the city-showing the great sense of creativity and craftsmanship of Bengali sculptures and carpenters. The whole city is now busy in taking the last minute preparation for the 4 auspicious days which will start on 19th. Here are the ways to enjoy this festival while you are in Kolkata.

  1. See Making of the idol


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It is a great pleasure to see the making of the idol Durga. If you are an art lover then it can be a visual treat for you. The most popular place to see this part is Kumartuli in north Kolkata. It is the place where most of the idols are made. The best time to visit there is on Mahalaya when the sculptures draw the eyes of Devi Durga. Now a day, 150 sculptures families live in Kumartuli.

  1. Bathing of Nabapatrika


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The bathing of Nabapatrika or in common terms “Kola Bou Chan” depicts the start of Durga Puja. This ritual occurs on Saptami, the seventh day of navratri. This ritual is performed to infuse the energy into the idol. At first a small banana leaf is taken for bathing and after that it is draped in a white saree with red border and taken back to the puja place and placed beside lord Ganesha. The banana leaf symbolizes the wife of Lord Ganesha, the Kola bou. Best places to see this ritual is the Bagbazar and Ahiritola Ghat of north Kolkata.

  1. Pandal Hopping


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It is the most exciting and fun-filled experience during Durga Puja. You can enjoy every moments of Durga Puja in different pandal. Actually, it is a craze now to visit numerous pandals during the 4 days of puja and enjoy different theme and art form.

  1. See Sandhi Puja

sandhi puja

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It is the official end of Durga puja. This puja ritual is visually stunning. 108 oil lamps or diyas are lighted in this time and look of the Devi Idol in this diya light is something which word can’t depict. The chanting of holy mantras, the gorgeous look of Devi and the light of the diyas make the place heavenly.

  1. Eating


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It is the best time to taste authentic Bengali cuisine. Every single restaurant, irrespective of big or small arranges special menu or buffets during this festival. And trust me, all are mouth-watering.

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    its great…and a pleasure for me as a bengali..hope to visit kolkata during puja…


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