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What to Do with Family in Boracay?


Stepping onto the pale white sands of Boracay, and feeling that first splash of the clear blue Pacific on your body, you too will understand why I consider this island paradise one of the best vacation destinations. And if you think Boracay is just for the adventure seekers, think again, because can turn your family holiday into a memorable experience. So consider a trip to the Philippines, and this tropical destination, making sure you include these activities into your plans.


The Main Attraction – White Beach

From the moment you set your bags in your room, grab your swimming suites and head off to White Beach to experience the main appeal of Boracay. As the soft namesake sands of this beach rubs your bare feet, you will be amazed by the azure blue waters. Even though this beach is the busiest on the island, you can still find tranquil places where everyone can sit back and enjoy the sun, surf and sand. Once the sun starts sizzling, make your way to Jonah’s Fruit Shakes to cool off and enjoy some delicious tropical drinks, the kids will especially love.

The Main Attraction

A Relaxing Escape – Diniwid Beach

At the other end of the island, and a fun tricycle ride away, is Diniwid Beach. This beach is more tranquil, is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of other tourist hotspots. Spend the day exploring the many coves that are near the beach, or cool off in the many tropical huts native to the Philippines. However, the main attraction of this beach is the bamboo elevator to Nami, which is the perfect way to end a day on this beach, and a definite crowd-pleaser. From there you can bask in some of the most spectacular vistas I have ever seen, or head to Spider House where you can enjoy jumping into the clear water from a floating ocean station.

A Relaxing Escape
A Real Adrenaline Rush

If you are looking for a real adrenaline rush for the family, make sure to go Banana Boating across the Pacific. The bouncy inflatable boat splashes on top of waves and makes for one hell of a ride. Another way to enjoy some water sport activities is to book a jet ski, and go 10 minutes off White Beach where you can enjoy a water sport extravaganza. Everything from diving, to paddle boarding, and kitesurfing is on offer, and just may be the first for shared crazy activity for your family as well.
A Real Adrenaline Rush

Taste of Boracay – D’Talipapa Market

A trip to any country involves a taste-test of the local cuisine. D’Talipapa Market offers exotic colors, appetizing fragrances, and amazing food, from this side of the world. The amazing market food stands offer a variety of tastes to explore, and at low prices. While steamed corn may be a favorite snack for kids, make sure the entire family tries a Chori burger. This also a great place to shop for souvenirs, and handmade toys kids will enjoy, but make sure you give the locals a run for your money.


Taste of Boracay
A Memorable Sunset – Fire Dance

Even though Boracay is a fun-filled adventure during the day, the Fire Dance spectacle is the evening’s wow factor. Book a table at The District overlooking the beach and enjoy a sunset dinner of a lifetime. The restaurant offers familiar Italian flavors, but the main attraction are the energetic dancers who will amaze children with their fire displays, lighting up your evening. And the best part is some routines are performed to the kids’ favorite scores, such as “Let it Go”.

A Memorable Sunset

Even though Boracay is a heavenly destination for any family holiday escape, make extensive plans and prepare for a long trip there. Because you will travel by air, road, and water to reach this island paradise make sure you use each stop, pack on supplies, and charge up on phones that provided the kids with amazing Poptropica games that kept them occupied, and kept us stress free. But, the entire ordeal to get there was worth every minute, once you step on to the island, and experience the family holiday of a lifetime.

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