Why Choose Homestays in Offbeat Indian Holiday Location


Have you ever think of visiting offbeat location in India? Yes, you hear me correct. Spending your hard to find holidays in an offbeat location is the new craze of our country. And surely, there are several reasons behind it. Who wants to relax in an overcrowded place when you are out of your locality to spend some time in peace? Nobody. Actually, you will not found a single popular tourist spot in India which is yet to be overcrowded. So, the most common solution is to go for an offbeat location for that required tranquility. But, there are some difficulties. One of the major problems of these not-so-popular destinations is inadequate proper accommodations.  While in a popular place you will find a well-equipped resort or hotel in every few steps whereas they are equally rare in an offbeat place.

So? Should we compromise with the location? Absolutely not. Here come the homestay facilities. Homestays are local accommodations provided by the people. Basically, these are the rooms of local homes, which the house owner shares with the tourists. The most important thing of these homestays is you will live here like an extended family with the owner family. You can share their kitchen or their dining space. So it is more homely than a formal hotel or resort. On the other hand, you will miss the professionalism of the popular hotels. Here, in this article we will discuss some important reason why it is better to stay in a home stay in an offbeat location.

Reasons to stay in a homestay


In an off-route location, there may be an unavailability of each and every modern thing which are common in a big city. While staying with a family, you will get a personal care that is the most important in these remote locations. Your host will personally look after your every need that you can’t found in a professional hotel.

Staying with a local family will give you proper exposure to the local culture and traditions.  You can taste local traditional foods, experience their lifestyle which is missing elsewhere.

If you are a language enthusiast then it is the best ideas to stay will local people to know their language better.

It is the local people who can suggest you the most beautiful and uncommon local sports to visit. Moreover, you can hear great myths and stories about the place from local dwellers. Homestay will provide you these rare opportunities.

The homestays are less costly than popular hotels.

In a remote location, safety is most important. Staying with a family will give you the required safety.

Some top Homestays

Shahpura Bagh, Rajasthan:

Rate: 15,000-16,500 rupees per night for a double suite, one excursion, and breakfast.

Things to do: Expeditions to neighboring forts and temples, safaris, exploring the local area, nature trails, birding, and boating.

Kannur Beach House, Kerala:

Rate: 3,400 rupees per night for a double, including breakfast and dinner.

Things to do: Swimming, boating, bird watching.

The Homestead, Corbett, Uttarakhand:

Rate: 6,000-8,000 rupees per night, for a double including breakfast.

Things to do: Bullock cart rides, a trip to the fields, milking the cows and tending the poultry, star gazing with state of the art telescope, day trip to Corbett National Park, fishing, camping, elephant rides, nature walks, barbecues and bonfires.

Except these, there are many homestays available in the Himalayan region which are comfortable and pocket-friendly. You can get some of them within 1000 rupees per person per night in and around Darjeeling.

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