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Zuluk – Tranquility Redefined

Mr. Basisthadeb Dasgupta shares his travel experience of Zuluk


Birds Eye View of Zuluk

Sometimes detachment from your daily life becomes important for soul searching. Detachment from civilization, detachment from the opulence we are used to, detachment from the facilities we are served with, become necessary in order to know ourselves to meet our selfies. That’s when one needs to head for Zuluk; the ultimate place where you can surrender yourself to nature.

The place:

Set in the bosom of the divinely beautiful terrains of the Himalayas in East Sikkim, at an altitude of (9,500ft), Zuluk is yet to gain its popularity among tourists. positioned close to the border of Indo-China, the sleepy hamlet is like a seventh heaven for Nature-lover’s. This is the place where magnificence and escapade merge to create a painting only can be found in the books of folk tales.The local people of Zuluk are mainly immigrants from Nepal. Honesty, diligent and simplicity are common in these people. Nature has implanted these qualities in them.

An idle hamlet

Historical titbits:

Zuluk derives its significance due to its geographic location in the historic Old silk Route. According to our history, from 2nd Century BC Chinese silk was transported from china to Europe through Central Asia. A network of routes which was used for this purpose is known as Silk Route. It connects Kalimpong, Pedong, Aritar Zuluk, Pelep la and finally reaches Chumbi Valley in Tibet.
The requirement of the exchange of commodities for commercial purpose caused the birth of this Route but its far greater contribution to the world history is the exchange of Art, Culture and religion values between Europe, Asia and Africa.


Reaching there:

We started early from Sillary Gaon and reached Zuluk by the afternoon. One can also reach Zuluk from New Jalpiguri and Sikkim. From New Jalpaiguri it takes around 6 and 1/2 hours and from Sikkim it takes 4 and ½ hours.

Our nest of repose:

We stayed at DIL MAYA RETREAT. It literally suspended on a mountain slope with a fantastic view. Double or triple bedded rooms are available with basic facilities. The in-house restaurant served us good foods but not much variety can be expected here.

Writer in front of Resort

Roam around:

The hairpin turns visible in the picture is one kind of identity of this place. One has to pass through 32 hairpin turns to reach Lungthung. There are some places which are good for sightseeing tours from Zuluk.

Hairpin Turns of Silk Rout

The Nag Temple

Nag Temple
Nag Temple

This local nag temple is famous among the local residents. There is a deity of Nag Cobra inside the temple. The famous Hindu mythological god is worshiped here with utter reverence.

The Thambi View Point

zuluk09 zuluk08
This is a great place for watching the sunrise. One needs to wake up early in the morning around 4.30 am. The place is 14 km away. Just be there at the right time. Sun rises on the Kanchenjungha and its allied peaks. Rays fall over … roll over. Colour changes to crimson then to golden and finally silvery gloss on the peaks takes your breath away.

Time of visit:

We visited Zuluk in the month of February. Winter was chilling. If one wants to play with snowflakes then January to April is the perfect time to visit this place. May to July is the rainy season. The Foggy weather during this time may hinder you from sightseeing tours. Zuluk is full of flowers in the months of August and September. From September onwards the weather here is just perfect.

Word of Caution:

As this place is situated in high altitude. Some people may face breathing problems. Vomiting and headaches may be other symptoms. But once you accustom yourself with the weather and surrender to the nature, each and every problem just files away.


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